Airpush Weekly Payment Will End of Month?

Before a time ago, I saw weekly payment of airpush.Like other developers I suppose it will be better than admob and different advertising networks.Because there are many monetization firms but a big of majoritiy unfortunately not support android developers.Whatever what happened to me.

I got more 200$ last weeks and at 5 dec my tax account verified.Im thinking weekly payment but I will get end of December. I swear money is not important but some weird situations are boring. Below is mail from Airpush

" Please note, your account status was verified on 5 December 2013, hence we could not process your October earnings.
Your earnings till the month of November 2013 will be processed on 31 December 2013."

Whats your opinion and offers about airpush,weekly payments and the situation?

All ok, they are in 95% punctual with payments. You verified account in December, so it’s impossible to get payment from October in weekly payments. They are paying after one week.

For example, you have earnings 10-17, so u will get money for this period after 7 days, 17+7 (± to next Friday). Hmmm they should pay October earnings in monthly plan, wait and see on 31 december :wink: This is first situation like yours, everyone is verifing account after registration.


  • to get weekly payments, your apps have to be eclusive. You cannot use ad network with similar ad unit. They are checking it sometimes and you will loose weekly payments if they detect some SDK what can impact revenue from airpush.

Thank you ramzixp.I will wait and see what happenened at 31 Dec. but now it shows weekly payment is a dream.

Now after this Im thinking and I m asking asking some questions.maybe all developer has the same questions and discuss revenue from mobile advertising or fremium methods.

Which ad networks are high cpm,high fill rates without antivirus banned? Who breaks admob monopoly and arbitrary banning?Why we will have to wait for payment,why is not daily payment? We have to analyze with full detail all aspects of firms and ads.

Agreed, Airpush is normally prompt with their payment. No network is perfect, I’ve experienced far worse. Worse case scenario you’ll be paid at end of month. net30.

Has any body got the november payment?