Airpush vs Leadbolt vs SendDroid


I am wondering which among Airpush, Leadbolt and Senddroid is best in terms of eCPM and Revenue.

I have read Leadbolt saying $2-5 eCPM and sometimes even more - is it legit?

Please give inputs which advertising network you find best. What is the best notification ads eCPM being offered among these networks.

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1-1,5$ eCPM sounds more legit…

Depends on the number of impressions and CTR your app generates. My eCPM is between 0.49$ (app with 800 impressions per day and 4% CTR) and 5.30$ (15000 impressions per day and 10% CTR).

LeadBolt eCPM will always vary - they have a lot of CPA offers (as the “lead” in the title mentions) and hence the payout could vary depending on the conversion rate (not just CTR).

That said, I’ve been getting an eCPM of $5.87 over the past 60 days (5K impressions per day, 11% CTR), using LeadBolt’s App Wall. So something in that range is not impossible.

I’m just starting out with LeadBolt, Airpush & SendDroid notification ads but don’t have enough impressions yet to give a firm figure on these.

Can you share on what app you make 5K impressions and how many DA users you have or better how sessions you make for 5K impressions?


Hi Friends,

Thanks all for your inputs. Actually getting $5 or more eCPM is not that difficult if we consider the Icon installs and App walls. My questions was more in terms of push notifications eCPM (mentioned in my query above).

Please give inputs about the push notifications eCPM that you’re getting from these 3 networks.

At the end of the month, I make slightly more with airpush than Leadbolt due mostly to a consistently higher CPM for notifications. That’s just my honest experience over a total of 38 apps with identical implementations and about 80k impressions per day on leadbolt and 65k impressions per day on airpush, so your results may vary. Senddroid has also been a crucial player for me this month with rock solid revenue, and I have absolutely no plans of dropping them from the rotation and highly recommend them to anyone. As a side note, Chandler at senddroid has got to be the best AM I’ve seen to date. I have had the best overall management experience with Leadbolt, but airpush has really stepped it up in the payday category over the past 2 months. I’ve also documented (for months ongoing) a magical decline in CPM as you start to push more impressions, even at the same OR HIGHER CTR. It really just “feels like” the algorithms take advantage of productive apps and drop the CPM on you when you’re app is spiking in downloads and doing well. This has been discussed before, so it’s whatever…There are definitely gremlins in the numbers sometimes, but hey…I love mobile advertising, and I’m very happy with all 3 networks for different reasons.

I have seen this too.

That’s true…I’ve seen it myself.
That’s was my biggest concern.
One more thing…has anyone of you noticed certain days when your impressions or installs become 0 in the airpush.
Sometimes my revenue becomes 0 despite of the fact that there are impressions and installs. I have to raise tickets to get it in order. huff…big work there i tell you…!!

That’s Fake iPhone 4S - I’m getting about 16K DAU, and 35K sessions. I’m only sending a portion of that to LeadBolt though.

Is there any mediation available for notification networks ?

To the best of knowledge, no. At least not with SendDroid. :slight_smile:

I have been getting pretty solid CPM with airpush $2-3. They have just released their new SDK 5.0 which looks promising. I already integrated it and have been yielding high CPM with their new appwall. Hopefully the CPM is stable and continues to rise :slight_smile:
as for leadbolt I never was really satisfied with their CPM, although their customer service was pretty good

What level of CPM are you getting from their AppWall?

Since using their new SDK I have been getting $6-7 CPM from their Appwall. I am very pleased with my CPM since implmenting their new SDK. Hoping this CPM will be consistent but thus far I am a happy camper:rolleyes:

$6-7 is great. Finally Airpush has some ad format worth looking into :slight_smile: How often do you show them - only at app startup/finish or also in-between?

No, certainly Airpush, LeadBolt & SendDroid don’t have any native mediation available.

What I’ve done with notification ads, is setup AdMob mediation with custom event adapters. So I create a class called “CustomAdSendDroid” which simply activates the SendDroid SDK. This means I can use the AdMob interface to set which notification networks are enabled or disabled on my app, without having to release an update.

This doesn’t work with BootReceivers though - so all the notification networks would launch on boot, unless you can come up with some fancy code (which I haven’t done!)

For me, the choice is Airpush, especially in the wake of its new SDK 5.0. Developers, for example, can now generate $10 CPMs through something new called “SmartWall ads.” In that regard, it blows Leadbolt out of the water. So it may be worth a look for several reason, but mostly because of its design based on a ton of market research. Believe it or not, SmartWall ads actually outperformed all other in-app ad formats on the market just during beta testing. That’s my two cents. You can learn more here -

They always promise $10+ CPM… But the real number is a bit different… well, I hope to be wrong…

I tried Airpush SmartWall two days ago and am getting ~$7 - $8 cpm right now, so it isn’t the $10 they are advertising but very close so I am excited. Plus, they are the only ones who pay weekly without any fees. Still, it’s better than I got with AppBrain and Leadbolt’s appwall products so I’m quite happy. AdColony’s gets even higher cpm’s but the fill rates are terrible unfortunately !!