Airpush sux0rz

Wow, what’s wrong with you Airpush ? All posts in this subforum in latest days are about you and the way you suck.


  • Your statistics suck.
  • Your SDK sucks.
  • Your payment sucks.
  • Your ads suck.
  • Your website sucks.
  • Your explanations about why you suck suck.

What’s left to suck ? Do something now or you’ll soon become a distant recall like LeadBolt.

  • Your statistics suck. - Yea they lag but w/e a new platform is coming out soon.
  • Your SDK sucks. - Not to much
  • Your payment sucks. - Weeklies suck? Go send to MMedia…and wait 6 months for you’re money.
  • Your ads suck. - Not really…actually pretty good compared to all the other network
  • Your website sucks. - Yeah it does
  • Your explanations about why you suck suck. - Welcome to mobile, It’s new…Just send more traffic if you want more money.

End of the day guys…Stop complaining about you’re CPM…It’s no where near as bad as some of us, Mines <10 cents…You don’t really see me “bitching” about it…Sometimes life is just greasy boys…it’s just the way she goes.

well,their weakly payments don’t suck…
I think that is the best thing I have seen in my 4/5 months of android development…:cool:

As for SDK,their single-sdk for both notification and in-app-ads sucked.:p.It got me suspended from samsung apps for push ads(even though i never called a push Ad).I heard they are spiting it and releasing new versions by the end of this month.:wink: