Airpush Suspended My Account


I developed tens of live wallpapers and integrated them with airpush push notifications. After google policy update in August 2013 that prohibited push notification apps in Android Market (Play Store) I unpublished all my live wallpapers. My payment from airpush was decaying (which is normal) and received normally until mid 2014. Then they stopped sending my payments and replied to my emails with the following reply:
(Our quality analyst teams have reviewed your account, and they are seeing suspicious activity for your appid/site id.
If you wish for us to review your account, please provide valid links of your website in which you have integrated our tag and more details about your traffic.)

I republished 1 live wallpaper just for them to verify, because I don’t want to publish old live wallpapers for longer time again. I’m waiting for them to solve this case and send my payment and will update you.

My question is:
Did anyone find the same case and what he did?


Mid MAy of 2014? it is now a year and 3 months after that date so why make a post now?

But yeah I see this shit all the time with airpush, contact your account manager.

I experienced this too… just put a valid link from other app store and it will be okay…

@droiddev please PM me with your account information and I can further assist you.


I was contacting airpush during a year and no results.
I will contact @AirpushNick and hope this will solve my issue.