Airpush stats troubles

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I’m new on this forum, specially registered to ask a question about last troubles of Airpush statistic. It seems to me, that the last few days Airpush has a serious problems with their reports data(or data collecting itself…).

Does anyone else experienced this? Could someone from Airpush clarify what is going on ?

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Yes, I’m having issues too. It’s pretty usual with Airpush, they earn a lot of money from us yet they can’t afford a new server / backend. I’m going to stop using them next month.

If you’d just read the latest threads in this section you’d see that many people have had problems and an Airpush representative has acknowledged them all and says things should be sorted out now.

The same situation right now… very strange

Same issue. I to will be leaving for another company. I have already taken two of my higher paying apps off of their SDK. The bad thing is, they can just guess any number of what we make and put it up on our accounts. No way to track it.

i have the same issue. it’s been 4 days now. still they haven’t fixed it.

You’re leaving them because they temporarily mess up some of their reporting from time to time?

Also, you can’t really use the “they can just guess any number of what we make” argument against them specifically, since any ad network could and can do that.

I’m not trying to defend Airpush, I’m just saying that these reporting issues shouldn’t be a game-breaker for anyone, when they hold up in the long run.
Things that should push you away is poor ECPMs, support or inventory issues etc.

A1ka1inE, do you have experience with Airpush fillrate by single app , i am new user to Airpush and have few apps with more then 2000+ downloads daily , but pushes are very similiar day by day even lower then some previous days? Do you have some experience with this?
Will number of pushes rise as the time pass? .

Yes I posted a 30 day analysis on it here: Airpush vs Banner+Interstitial - 30 day analysis - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

Nice work! Keep in mind there is also seasonality. A couple days before the end of quarter people blow their ad budgets so CPM/CPC ramps up for a few weeks then drops off the last couple days. Also April is a slow month for ads. I see this effect in notifications, banners, and web based so your test does kind of take that into account. However, what you earn this month or last month will not necessarily be the same each month. It is also determined by supply/demand (# of apps+users vs ads sold) with both obviously going up as more people get into mobile but perhaps not at the same rate.

Yes you are right on those accounts. With that said, March and April have really picked up across the board for me.
It’s very hard to conduct a perfect analysis on this type of data though, since as you said, there are just so many variable factors at play.

I don’t use airpush but numerous people have posted in these forums before describing the same thing for months. Increases in downloads / active users and pushes stay the same. Some have said that it’s because airpush only has so much advertisers and they limit your apps to a certain number of pushes so that everyone gets a slice of the pie.

No updates on reports from airpush, they tell me they are still working on fixing the issue… X(

I got this replya from Airpush support yesterday:

Please be informed that data is populated till date from 4th April where it was not reflecting earlier.

Our technical team is still working on this issue and remaining 3 columns new installs, ad requests and fillrate will be updated accordingly from 7th April to till date very shortly

Please come back to us if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Airpush Support

my account still shows zero

Airpush 2013-04-12 15-45-33.jpg

My stats are zero too, no response from support during last 5 days, last message from them you can see above