Airpush stats Screwed Again?

It seems like they screwed up their stats server once again. Last day stats are frozen like start of the day and today all numbers are showing 0.
Is this me or everyone?

The "
Airpush dashboard is temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Stats will be available in next few hours." message has been there for last 12-15 hours.

Anyone else has the same issue?

Yep. It was my first try with airpush, I never used it before and now I have no idea if it works good or I should go back to other networks >.<

I released the airpush version in a store that doesn’t show the amount of downloads. That is now pretty bad for me because I got literally no information

It seems they are taking longer than usual to fix the stats.

Regarding using Airpush to track download information, IMO that is not a good idea. Numbers are not accurate.

use airpush to track downloads !! LOL good luck with that…:cool:
And my stats are screwed up too…

i have the same issue

Almost 24 hrs and showing $0 for the whole day and almost 10% of total revenue for yesterday.

I signed up to these forums for just this reason, to complain and relate about airpush! I’ve been using them for a couple months and they bring great revenue but I have a number of serious issues.

  1. This kind of BS that is happening right now. Its happened a couple times in the last couple of months for short amounts of time but this outage seems to be the worst.
  2. Their customer service seems to be actually nonexistent, they simply ignore any messages you send them. The other couple ad agencies I use or have contacted have wonderful customer service. My biggest fear is having a problem getting paid and being unable to contact them about it.
  3. I never come close to getting $4.04 cpm. How is it $4.04 every single day? Seems to be a flat out lie.
  4. Even though they pay very high I just dont trust them.

I wish I could ask them why my smart wall is incorrectly installed, I followed their instructions and recommendations but the website still says it isn’t installed correctly. Not a huge issue but i’d like to know whats going on, does anyone else have this problem?


I started seeing this dialog in my dashboard ever since i started using them…They just picks a random app and says that its installed incorrectly…:stuck_out_tongue:
Once i contacted them regarding this…they never gave any straight answer to this…

I agree with everything you have said.

$4.04 cpm comes from 404 ERROR, and the support is just too lazy to fix that :smiley:

The dashboard is still down…
This is the longest reporting problem that I have ever faced with an Ad-network…

Reporting error? :expressionless: I also haven’t 3 days in daily payments and one day…4$<?WTF?>. If we are loosing money and it will be not restored, airpush over, going to other networks like leadbolt or senddroid. Maybe smaller networks but stable :[ STUPID FUCKERS - AIRPUSH

They are still serving ads so I think this is only a web site problem…

Over 3 days now and still no stats?? No.1 Advertising network winner?

Don’t even know if i should laugh or cry

Dashboard seems to be working… but 5/23 stats are too low…

dashboard works but… pending earnings without 4 days:|

Dashboard is working again!

1 install in that time? They must be joking

I bet with you that yours stats, aren’t too low as mine:

Account Total
29 206 178 81.55% $2.07 $0.37

A whole day for just $0.37… got to be kidding me…

I’ve been with them for over a year and dashboard eventually get fixed… But this week problem had really last more than usual… anyway let’s wait and pray…

Beat mine, my dashboard says 0.00 :wink: anyways guys just ignore it and let them work on it…you guy’s keep forgetting that airpush is processing MASSIVE amounts of data, They don’t have their own Data center (That I know of) which means they probably rely on multiple cloud servers, Which will take time to fix and update for whatever their doing. Give them time, Things will be back to normal soon.