Airpush stats frozen?

Is Airpush stats frozen or is it just me ?

Yes, stats are frozen for all day today but I’m sure will be fixed soon.

Yes frozen today and yesterday stats are only at 90% so yesterday needs to finish out and today be caught up im at 17 cents today :slight_smile:

Bah…I am at the kingly sum of $2.17. Now bow to your lord you insolent peasant :cool: or off with your head.

I’m using Bundle 2 , and the count is running but the CPM is 0$

Everyone has issues with frozen stats right now… whats the deal?!

Hey guys,

Some publishers are experiencing delays in stats replicating onto the developer portal. Please be ensured that everything is being counted correctly in our backend, and we are working diligently to resolve the issue ASAP.

LMK any questions.

Airpush Nick

Hi @AirpushNick , I’m still having the problem. The earnings of yesterday are still near zero

yes same here. @AirpushNick please give us an update when the issue would be fixed, thanks!

Same problem here!

for me it is the bundle 2, no data since 11/10

Hey everyone,

We are still looking into the issue.
I appreciate everyones patience when we continue to investigate and resolve the issue. I will continue to post on this thread when I hear updates.



Thanks for confirming Nick. Also Waiting for the payment on 15th of this month :slight_smile:

My account manager wrote me few days ago

October payments will be released December 12th.

Somebody already recieved October payments?

Stats are back now but earnings for December 10 and 11 still missing…

yes same here, no earnings reflected on dashboard for december 10 and 11…

I would also say earnings have surprisingly dropped for last few days.

Hey everyone,

Still a work in progress, but I heard that todays stats are being now being counted, and they are still working to update previous days.
Please be ensured that everything has been counted in our backend, and no revenue has been lost, and previous days will be updated soon.

I appreciate everyones patience.

Airpush Nick

@AirpushNick When Bundle2 dev will be back to the weekly payment ?
I’m still on the 45 days payment even though I was told it’s just temporarily.
Also stats from 10 and 11 are still not shown on my dashboard

Hi Stewie,

The Bundle 2 SDK earnings were never qualified for weekly payments, and were always on Net 45 payments. To be on weekly payments you must be using our Bundle 1 or Standard SDK.
We are still working on the stats for those days and they will be updated soon.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.