AirPush statistics

Hey guys.

I recently made the switch from LeadBolt to AirPush (end of September), because I was getting very low cpm rates. The rate has certainly improved, but the earnings sit at around the same number.

The update for the app was distributed to at least 50000 users. The number of impressions on my AirPush dashboard is a mere fraction of that. I used to get around 20000-30000 impressions with LeadBolt. I thought that those numbers would carry over to AirPush. So far I’m getting only around 4000 impressions. LeadBolt stills delivers around 6000 impressions daily, but the number is winding down. Where could all the other impressions have gone? Surely everyone didn’t suddenly realize that they can opt out?

AirPush support has been pretty useless so far. It’s been a week without a response to my ticket.

Any ideas? :huh:

How many ads per day are you sending? I set 2 per day.

What’s your fill rate ?

1 ad every 2 days. I’m a little worried about pissing off existing users if I set it to a more frequent interval, but now that I think about it, there is a paid version that they could upgrade to.

How well does 2 ads per day work for you? Lots of low ratings?

Usually around 100%.


I would suggest increasing your frequency of ads. Also please PM me and provide me with your account information and ticket #. I will be sure to have your issues addressed ASAP


Rating is on the same level. I suppose more uninstalls…

Maybe your users are not accepting the opt-in ?

Hey Rox, I definitely think you need to up your frequency of ads a bit. I’ve been with Airpush for a good while now and I haven’t really had any of these problems so maybe changing up a few things could do you some good. North of 25K impressions are the norm for me, and that’s higher than I saw with Leadbolt. It’s like the opposite of your experience it seems. I’ve also not had support issues, so I hope your matters get addressed soon. Either way, good luck. I’m sure it’ll get worked out. Haven’t heard many complaints about Airpush lately so this should get straightened out.

Come on Airpush impersonations, stop spamming the forum, this is getting ridiculous…

It is definitely looking very fishy…