Airpush, StartApp, MobileCore, appnext or RevMob. Which one to choose?

I need to choose one of these networks to monetize my app. Which one pays well, on time and without hassle? Do you have any experience with any of them?

Thanks a lot.

I would vote for StartApp. There is a link in my signature :smiley:

I find Admob the easiest “one-size fits all” route. However, I’m still a big fan of Airpush even since the Google ban.

In any way Startapp is the best for me.
click here Startapp

I’m totally a fan of my .13 cpm, it rocks

start with startapp : StartApp - Developer Register

MobileCore is giving good results too.

StartAppis my first choice and I combine it with Admob

In my opinion STARTAPP and MOBILECORE is the best solution. If you want sth new you can try MiniMob with promo code “mjms”

All are good networks… of course I’m not neutral in this debate, but I would suggest you start using appnext, if only for the $500 promotion we have on, right now. Easy money. Plus, our new interstitial with the ‘send by email’ function is still unmatched.

Contact me for more details, if needed.

None of them, have you ever heard of the SOCIAL SDK from appOptim?

100% GP compliant and multiple advantages:

  • RPMD up to 50$ , paid weekly, money for each install
  • Give users tools that permit to socialize your app, one click sharing app activity on social network
  • put ads content that keeps user experience
    Give it a try

so most people recomend startapp, but they all include their referral link.

is that from Admob or Airpush?

airpush but keep in mind that this is for notification ads for defunct apps, their smartwall still performs well for me on current apps

is yours NET30?

No…too long. We pay Net 10

Hi Jonathan,
How is your interstitial ad?

With our new SDK that has the ‘send by email’ option - pretty high. Of course, it chenges between GEO, app and the location of the interstitial inside the app. In US we see anything between $3 and $18 eCPM, for example.

I’d love to explain more in private, but you can read a few comments by some other developers working with us:

Hope this answers your questions. If not, just email me at [email protected]

Thanks for your answer. I am trying your network today. I will report to everyone about my result after try to intergrade your sdk. Hope your sdk will bring revenue better startapp. :slight_smile:

Not pointing any fingers, but from an objective perspective, replies in this thread seem to be more about spreading referral links than giving away honest suggestions. At least it seems so from outside.

My 2 cents on the issue, is that in the past 1.5 years, I’ve never had any problems using AdMob for banner ads, and AppBrain for offer walls. Yet.
But I’m open to alternative ad networks. For example, my attempt on Leadbolt’s ad wall last year was a terrible failure in my case.