Airpush SmartWall CPM's now $2.50 - $3 on most apps !! (SCREENSHOT)

See screenshot below…the crazy spike in Airpush SmartWall CPM’s is continuing for me – are you guys still experiencing the same ?
I did some tests and noticed that:

  1. SDK 6.0 definitely increases SmartWall CPM compared to 5.0

  2. I think the reason for #1 is the Rich Media Ads subformat which is included in Smartwall in 6.0 – I notice when I disable this subformat my CPM goes down a lot. That said, my CPM is still much higher than before with apps I haven’t yet upgraded to 5.0, but not as high as the ones I’ve updated to 6.0. I know 6.0 also supports Video Ads but I don’t see any of those yet in SmartWall and when I try disabling Video Ads in the SmartWall config it doesn’t impact my CPM or revenue at all, yet disabling Rich Media Ads brings it down a lot.

  3. My partner and I think the overall rise in Airpush Smartwall CPM’s are due to higher CPM’s in ASIA lately. Airpush doesnt break out CPM by geo, but my partner is based in Asia and travels all over the area and says that he’s been seeing many new large Asian advertisers in SmartWall. For my own country which is a Tier 1 market, I am NOT seeing that – I’m still seeing the same old advertisers on Smartwall with Candy Crush being the #1 by far. If you’re in an Asian country and have been watching the SmartWall ads, let me know if you see the same pattern which my partner is seeing.

@Phil.Airpush whatever improvements you guys are doing with SmartWall, it’s been a game-changer for me and I hope to see it continue !!!

Well, a data point which MIGHT be relevant to this from Leadbolt - some weeks ago I used to see a peak for Taiwan with high eCPM (though low volume) for the Leadbolt HTML AppWall ads I’m running.

However since 2 weeks or so that column has suddenly disappeared - also the revenue per day has gone down - on some days it is down by 1/4 - then 80% of what it was before - so vacillates all over the place - which I wondered if it was related to Asian revenue going away ?

Generally however it seems that Leadbolt HTML AppWall has lost some advertisers - either because new places have emerged - it’s not clear.

i have got quite similar ecpm. but the revenue is not even close to the startapp exit ads. im getting better ecpm from AirPush icon ads

My best guess is you have fairly low install numbers. Once you break into millions, your eCPM decreases significantly.

lol @androiddev your statement is totally illogical – if you have higher eCPM on Airpush SmartWall which is an interstitial you can show throughout the app multiple times per session, then it must have higher revenue compared to an exit ad with lower eCPM which you can only show once per session.
i’ve tried startapp’s exit ad and it’s worse than appbrain’s exit ad, as many others posted in the exit ad thread. now i’m using airpush smartwall as an exit ad as well as in-app interstitial, since it performs much better than both of those.
@appsg actually my top 3 apps are doing over 200,000 impressions per day (one of them over 400k/day) and still getting these ecpm’s.

dude, exit ads is just a name. it’s also an interstitial like smartwall. i agree with @appsg . im getting good ecpm for low impression apps. for high impression apps, it’s below $1. that’s why i said getting better results with StartApp

In the end, what matters is your payout, as long as you don’t effect the user experience. May I suggest that for interstitial ads you give appnext a try? We can commit to any eCPM you previously got. Just because our general eCPM is high when you compare it to other exit ad vendors.
Let me know if you are interested in more details:
[email protected]

Hi, kingdroid .

I am new to app development, I have launched one app recently and I generate around 3000-4000 airpush impressions daily. (I am using admob banner as well).
i am getting an average ecpm of 1.5. Comparing to your ecpm, my is still low.
It could be due to the location of the users, however, I have a query, Are you using the extra permissions that airpush asks you to use to increase ecpm ?

Thank you

@whacky yes i do use all perms in the Airpush SDK however as you can see from my screenshot, some of my SmartWall apps are also getting ~$1.50 eCPM similar to you. even this “lower” eCPM compared to my other apps which get ~$3 eCPM for SmartWall is still much higher than any other interstitial which i’ve tried. haven’t tried appnext though who just posted in this thread (i may try them now…website looks good), but i’ve tried all the others and they don’t come close to Airpush SmartWall in my apps, and I have 30+ apps. the apps which are getting lower eCPM are either not updated to SDK 6.0 or their geo mix is more Tier 2 / 3. by comparison, when i’ve tried other interstitials for my apps with Tier 2 / Tier 3 geos they get eCPM around $.30 - $.80.

My CPM for smartwall has increased as well. Last week’s average was $1.89 for smartwall compared to $1.65 the previous week. I am seeing a steady climb, even some of my apps getting >$2 CPM.

No complaints on my end thus far for airpush smartwall. Keeping fingers crossed!

Thanks for info, so it means, the permission may or may not help. There are days that I get upto 2+ and days below 1.5.
I have tried chartboost and it was getting an eCPM of $.5 max.
Have you tried Leadbolt, I just read on another post that they generate high ecpms? Did they work for you? I am going to replace chartboost so I am looking for new options.

Currently considering Mobile Core and Leadbolt ( made up my mind just a while back). Please let me know if you played with them.

Thanks again for such a detailed response !

@whacky I’ve tried Leadbolt and Chartboost interstitials and many others but not Mobilecore…Airpush SmartWall performs much better than all of them.

There is a simple reason why Airpush Smartwall performs much better than these other interstitials – because the whole premise of SmartWall is to combine MANY interstitial formats into 1 format and then Airpush optimizes it for you automatically. So for example with Leadbolt or Chartboost I must commit to using a single interstitial format (ie AppWall), but with Airpush SmartWall they will show Video Ads or Rich Media or Dialog Ads etc depending on what format has the highest yielding ad campaigns for a given geo. So a single interstitial format cannot compete with that. If you commit to a single interstitial format like with the non-Airpush interstitials, then you will lose out on big advertiser campaigns which come to the market for a particular interstitial format which you didn’t choose !

Kingdroid, Thanks again for the detailed reply. I don’t plan to move away from Airpush anytime soon. It’s earning me not too bad money (though the ecpm went down after introducing admob?).
I have a More Apps button and I am using chartboost for that, I fire smartwall at the same screen so Airpush hardly shows at that point. I want to replace chartboost, so I was confused whether to go with Mobile Core or Leadbolt.
I will figure it out, thank you for all the info. If you can, provide me with a link to your apps, I would really appreciate it.

@whacky I can almost guarantee you that chartboost will outperform leadbolt, mobilecore, and appbrain. chartboost is #2 best interstitial behind airpush smartwall based on my experience.

kingdroid, problem with me is I can deliver a daily 200+ clicks on chartboost but they hardly earn my anything. ecps are going below 0.3. Is it possible if we can chat or skype or any IM? skype id: whacky4.
Thank you.