Airpush SDK Release

Hey everyone,

Airpush is proud to release our most recent SDK Update.

Available for download here, this new release offers some important improvements:
Updated Google Play compliance.
Decrease in false positives from mobile antivirus providers.
Dynamic EULA integration.
Enhanced video and rich media ad call.
As the Google Play Store continues to evolve its policies, we have continued to refine our SDKs in order to ensure 100% compliance. This release will reduce concerns about conflicts with policies as well as give us the ability to automatically adjust for future requirements.

We have also worked with leading antivirus providers to ensure a dramatic reduction in our ads being flagged as a virus.

Log in to your account now and follow the prompts to download and install the new SDK. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact support for further assistance.

You can also contact your assigned account manager, or PM me with any other questions.


Do i need to update my code or i can just replace the old jar?

Hi ParseInt32,

I believe that it is only necessary to update the JAR file, but let me validate with my team and revert back.


Ok, it worked…
prm.runSmartWalllAd(); changed to prm.runSmartWallAd();

I saw the new user agreement dialog, what happens if the user chooses “cancel”?

Hi @AirpushNick
is this update for the standard SDK only , what about the bundle 2 SDK ?

The most important question, what are you doing with the horrible fill rates?

and what about porn ads?

This dialog is really annoying, and i think that most of my users will not understand what it means because it is available only in english language

Hey everyone,

I found out its only required to replace the jar file to update the SDK.
The standard and Bundle 1 SDKs have been updated.
If they hit cancel it doesn’t opt them in to the Pay per install ad type, but it will be shown each time they open the app until they agree to it.
There aren’t any porn ads or non compliant ones going around. PM me if you are getting any ads that you are concerned about.
If your concerned about your fill rate, you can use the SDks call back listeners and cascade to another network to fill the request.


Fill rate for banner very low, please solve this problem

So, from now Pay per install which was only in Bundle SDK is now available in Standard SDK? So what differences are between Standard SDK and Bundle SDK?

Hey Kedzior,

We added a EULA to the standard SDK to ensure its compliance with all of Google Play policies. It doesn’t include the same pay per install ad type that the bundle 1 has.


Ok, but if I don’t accept this EULA I can still receive and see ads. More, after decline EULA appWall ad is auto showing.
So for what is this EULA?

What about the UNIVERSALSDK ? we get the pay per install anyway ?

Hey Guys,

The Universal SDK doesn’t include the pay per install. For that SDK, the EULA is used for users to opt in to receiving push & icon ads. For the Standard SDK, the EULA is used for users to opt in to the additional permissions, and they will still receive ads if they don’t opt in. You can use the Bundle 1 on any market, and doesn’t have to be only Google Play.

Airpush Nick

so we don’t get the 0.04/install for the universal sdk?

Not for the Universal SDK no.
Bundle 1 offers it. You can use the Bundle 1 in any 3rd party market.


So whats the difference between standard SDK and bundle1? if both have ELUA? why would someone use the standard SDK?

Hi Mizizi,

The Bundle 1 includes the pay per install ad type and requires more permissions. The standard does not have the pay pay install ad type and less permissions. We added the EULA to the standard SDK for enhanced Google Play compliance.

Hope this helps.


05-26 16:30:21.042: I/BunSDK(30591): Starting Bundled SDK 6.8
05-26 16:30:21.412: I/BunSDK(30591): AppId: <my-app-id-here>
05-26 16:30:21.412: I/BunSDK(30591): Caching enabled: false
05-26 16:30:21.642: D/BunSDK(30591): Exception Thrown: Advertising id not avalaible
05-26 16:30:24.765: I/BunSDK(30591): Display Privacy & Terms

and the app is frozen then.

It’s happening on Android 2.3.6 !! Dammit!