Airpush SDK 6.0 - now offering in app only SDK

Hi Guys,

As some of you already know we’ve officially launched our new SDK 6.0
This new SDK comes with many great new features and ad units. We appreciate all your guy’s input and suggestions, as result we are now offering in in app only SDK.

Important SDK 6.0 Features:

  • In app banner ads
  • Push Ad enhancements
  • Smartwall enhancements
  • Advanced Developer tools

Please check out our new SDK!

Airpush - Mobile Ad Network | Android App Monetization


The only problem is you cant know if its working since there is no dashboard updates…
But still the banner is pretty neat and pops-up in a smooth way…

PHILL!!! MY DASH BOARD IS EFFED UP MAN!!! I have a network of developers complaining about the same issue. I will not change to New SDK, I want to leave it alone 100%. I’m also thinking of switching over because of the horrendous issues with reporting. I mean seriously you guys are supposed to be the leaders and I have to tell you man, i really do like you guys and payment. I will not even consider using Leadbolt because they just plain piss me off. But now you guys are nearing the same type of crap. !! Please fix the numbers and the dashboard!!!

The level of frustration is rising… Beware of the angry mob…