AirPush revenue Awful?

I recently integrated AirPush into my app using the Standard SDK and after the first day I am seeing some awful results!

What results are you guys getting? I am very disappointed because everyone says that AirPush pays well, but they evidently don’t.


I have the same… Airpush is dead for me…

It seems like All ad networks are going down hill at the moment, and as the app store will be getting more saturated, I think ad revenue will just keep declining as time moves on. Maybe it’s time to move on to payed apps or something, but they’re a lot harder to market and the quality of the app has to a lot higher obviously, do you have any paid apps on the store at the moment?

I had some paid apps and they were going well… But currently I still use free+ads. I also started to make apps on WP

Do you have any tips on developing for windows phone? I am currently learning how to create them! :slight_smile: What’s your revenue like developing for WP?

Days of plugging in an ad network and making tons of cash on day 1 are done. @AlphaJack you should work iwth @AirpushNick to customize your integration to maximize rev. It takes some work but $ is still there.


Where is most of your traffic coming from? If from Tier 2 and 3 countries you will obviously see a lower CPM. I also suggest using mediation so you can monetize your inventory with various networks and see which one performs and pays highest. You should never put all your eggs in one basket and by using a single ad network. Also I would suggest trying video interstitial as these have much higher CPMs than traditional banner ads.

More than happy to give you a walkthrough of AerServ mediation and highlight the benefits of using our platform.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions: [email protected]

Hey AlphaJack,

Just responded to your PM.
Seems like you are not fully utilizing our 360 abstract ad types and only using our standard 320 x 50 banners. The level of engagement on regular banners is much lower than our 360 abstract ads, and using them by themselves won’t yield the best results. The 360 ads contain our rich media and HD video campaigns, which have much higher associated CPMs, and receive better engagement from users. I highly suggest enabling them and giving them a try to improve your overall CPM.

Hope this helps.



I do not have any hands on experience in WP. But few things i can tell for sure.

Unlike IOS, you need not to go for extra infrastructure. Windows laptop and windows phone simulator will do the job (May be some real windows phone for testing)

Objective C as programming language
(Correction:- Its C#)

Not many ad networks support WP. So someone who is developing for WP can provide this info.

  1. It’s c#, not objective C(iOS).
  2. I used few networks but the best is just Microsoft Advertising… Fillrate only 60-65%, but good ecpm