Airpush report not update

Today my report airpush not update?

same here, yesterday’s earnings are less and today’s earnings seem to be frozen for last 3-4 hrs. anyone else has this issue?

Hey guys,

I apologize for the inconvenience. I have already spoken with my portal team and stats should now be updated and accurate.

Please send me a PM if you face any further issues.

Airpush Nick

I have 50% of normal revenue… Something is not right

yes same here with my earnings and stats. @AirpushNick please check again I don’t think the issue’s resolved, stats in the dashboard are too low still and seem to be frozen.

@luckysam88 and mmmkkksss can you please PM me your accounts email address and a screenshot of your current stats and I can have my team investigate further.

Airpush Nick

Ok Glad its not just me then my income has been down from normal 120 a day to 90 a day past 3-5 days, i thought maybe it was just new year and first quarter

report delay until when ?

Hey everyone,

We are working diligently to resolve the portal delays and issues. There are no issues with ad serving or stats being recorded.

Airpush Nick