Airpush privacy policy - first time Popup

Noticed that airpush still has the ugggly popup that comes up the first time an app runs. Its the one where you click ok or cancel.
This is obviously a major no-no.

While integrating their ‘new and improved’ StandardSDK I was exteremely disappointed to see the agreement window still exists. I didn’t bother with the bundlesdk.

Is there a work around? Or is it better to look at other networks?

Hi Milkshaker,

The agreement page / EULA (end user license agreement) is there for Google Play compliance and transparency to your users on the data that is being used to serve ads. Many users prefer it to be there so they can have the option to opt out of enhanced permissions to serve the more enhanced ads, unlike other networks. I have never seen any negative comments in an apps reviews from users stating they do not like the agreement page.
When using the Bundle 1 SDK, the pay per download earnings come when the user opts in to the EULA page.
There is not an option to disable the page from appearing.
Can you please PM me your accounts email address so I can take a look at your account?


Hi Nick,
since we are in the subject
why do we have Eula for bundel 2 also is there any reason for that?

Hi Hirako,

The Bundle 2 SDK pays on a new user install and EULA opt in, so it is shown for transparency to your users on what data is being used to serve ads, and give them the opt in not agree. When they do agree and are a new user to the Airpush network, it counts for the pay per install rate.

Hope this helps with your concern.

Airpush Nick

My users never complain about the EULA, Google play now requires all ad networks to have it any ad network that collects data must have it, rules are rules, so get over it.