airpush payment

this is my first Thread in this form,i have 4 apps in android market i used admob for free one ,and from November 2011 used airpush in one of my app and i earned 60$ for 8 day in November and airpush show that the payment will send in 30-Dec-2011 to my paypal account ,and for now i didn’t revised any thing from them :@ and i submit 3 ticket for the support team in help desk and every ticket told my that will send the November payment to my account and in the last one that they will call my and for now nothing .

there is any one use airpush ad ,and they paid for him?

after Mr Prakash from Airpush team and Mr Jackie McCauley Director of Operations for AirPush contact me by e-mail and see the problem, that when they transfer the payment to my Paypal account show this error (MoneyError MessageYour recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds) and after search in internet for problem and change some setting in Paypal account, then every thing go OK and my NOV Payment show in Paypal.

I wont to thank all Airpush team for there speed response and effort.

thank you

I’ve got one of my apps using AirPush, but haven’t earned enough yet to look at withdrawing my earnings. They seem a reputable company though, I wouldn’t expect them to withhold payments deliberately.

Anyone else had experience with AirPush?

Yes I have two apps with them for the past 6 months and have been receiving payments fine.
Did you contact support?

Hello abd namari,

I am Prakash from Airpush team and would like to investigate this issue and get it resolved ASAP, could you please send me your ticket number and your mail ID connected with Airpush account.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Will make sure that your issue get resolved at the earliest.

Airpush Team

hello Prakash

i send 4 ticket to Airpush support Team id(3073,3022,3021,2876) and for know i didn’t get any payment for November 2011 in my Paypal account.

and this is my e-mail:[email protected]

i hope you can help my.

Thanks i got your message, i ll follow up in e-mail.

I had a same problem with AirPush. But in my case the issue is still unresolved now resolved. Their billing dept is was taking long in getting back. Just like you, I haven’t received Nov’s earnings yet. I was expecting some money and have chosen wire transfer as preferred payment method. Have posted 3 tickets via helpdesk but still no solution.

I just wanted to post a quick update that AirPush’s staff has been really VERY helpful in resolving the issue. Yes, initially I did have a problem but once their Director of Finance got in touch with me and I explained the problem and then everything went smoothly. Love how they have tackled the issue afterwards. Now they have resent the wire and cancelled the old one as it never made it to my account. I should receive it within 24 hours. They were also kind enough to throw some extra bucks to make up for the inconvenience caused. Now that’s classy! I mean, the extra bucks does not matter but their willingness to do that shows how much they care about the developer community.

All smiles! :slight_smile:

For anyone who is having issues with payment, please know that you have no reasons to worry. Their team is VERY cooperative unlike someone we know(Any guesses? YES, AdMob I am talking about you)!!

Hi JP,

While we are at it, is there something wrong with the airpush dashboard? My ads are showing everything 0 and hasnt moved for the past few days.

Otherwise, there has not been any issues with airpush payment with me so far :smiley:


I dropped you an email with the details you requested. Hoping your involvement in this issue will speed up the solution process.

Great to hear that the support team were so responsive and you were able to resolve the issue. I’ll keep this case in mind when discussing Airpush in future :slight_smile:

I’m in airpush for three moths , and earn some money in my airpush account , while i want to get the payment via paypal , it required an local TAX ID , and i don’t know how can i get this id , can someone know ? thanks very much for telling me !!!

Lina> In Poland TAX ID its Your number of identity tax/Taxpayer Identification Number

Did someone have already money for this month? :wink:
I have payment from December, and now I’m waiting to new.

I’m waiting too.
Did anyone already get payment for this month?

Not Yet. So now i know 6 dev, who don’t have payment already.
They have max time to 15 in next month.

Also, some other dev says that he had 1 day delay in payments. ( 1 day after 30… ofcurse :wink:

Drewicz , thanks very much ! and I’m in china , someone told me to fill in with 00000000 , but it seems not work , do you know what is the reason ?

0000 it’s bad tax ID. Don’t know how it is in China. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Try to go in Your “the tax office”.
In Europe, the Tax ID you get after you end the 18 years old.

I have mony in PayPal :wink:

I just received my December payment from Airpush today, via Paypal.

And does this id would change after created ? or every time to get payment would change local tax id ? thanks!

I’m already got my payment too. ^^