Airpush Payment problems

Hi everyone,

I have put airpush ads on all my apps and they have been generating revenue since January 2012. Recently I applied for weekly payments. They said that my accounts does not meet all requirements, but they informed me that I can apply for fast payments(it has 10% banking fee). I agreed, but I haven’t received any payment since that moment.

In last week they said that they had server problems.
This week I have sent them 1-2 messages each day but I still have no idea where is the problem. All they say is that they are working on this issue with high priority.

Does any of you have the same problems?

Weekly payment requirements is quite randomly. Try to reapply, maybe one of you apps have an old version that don’t have all the location permission and this generato an invalid report. And quite frequently they have some delays with the payments.

I have a few apps with airpush, but I recommend you leadbolt (referal link inside :angel:, but I’ll thank you)
They pay by credit card (for me is very important)and have banners,push ads, ads wall,unlockers.

Send me a pm and I can give you some advices to have more incomes that only using airpush.

It would be nice if you could post a thread about that so more of us could learn from your advice :stuck_out_tongue:

How long does it take to airpush payment be processed?


Ok, I’ll try but until summer I don’t have much time, cause University.
I have this one from a few months .

Nice!! Thanks for sharing! You’re doing pretty well, I see!! =P

(Española, eh?)

Hi ,
i am new with airpush ads i wonder if there is a way to get my payment with western union transaction ( i am from tunisia and i dont have an international card).


I also had this problem sometime back when i needed to get money but i couldn’t since i couldn’t withdraw from paypal to my domestic account. Thats when i was adviced to use payoneer and now i use to with almost all my advertizing companies who can pay directly to this account and you can withdraw money from any ATM machine allover the world. Check out the discussion here and here you can sign up via the refer a friend program

Hope that helps.

Hi theviseone,

Please PM me your account information and I will personally look into your account to determine the reason for any delayed payment.