Airpush payment problem

Dear all:
Who have accepted Airpush’s cash? My information of tax is right and confirmed by him,but I have not accept his cash. When the time of payment has come On April 12, 2013,but he delay the time until the next date of payment on the excuse that can’t support International ACH,So I changed the mode of payment into Paypal.I tell their customer service request to verify the account and the result is OK,But they still delay the time of payment on the pretext that the terms of service changed.So I could not accept my $3000 in advertising. Are they a fraud company? Who can answer me? Thank you very much!

Airpush is not fraud
they always pay , and many of us has got their payments ,
you need to check with the customer support what is wrong with your account

Hi Chairs,

Please PM me your Airpush account info so I can take a look to see what is going on. Sounds like your tax form may have not been approved or something in your payment settings is not set up correctly.

I have received payment from April 14 to April 20 with 15% of fee.But before April 14 and after April 20 the payment has not yet received


You will receive that weeks payment this following friday on May 3rd.

Next Friday is not 31,and April do not hava 31.

Has anybody received the november payment from airpush?

Yes, I recived on 29th of december.

yep got mine.