Airpush paying 50%?

Airpush is paying us 50% of what we made for 2 weeks now. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Also the revenue is crap now.

Same for me. My revenue, impressions and ecpm are dropping day by day :frowning:

What 50%? U got 50% of your earnings or maybe daily revenue is smaller for 50% ? :expressionless: Check your email, maybe you have information about overpay in December and you will get smaller cash for couple weeks.

Hey Jill,

Just sent you a PM. I can help determine whats going on.
Please remember that a note was sent our recently to all developers using Bundle 1 or 2 that the add on install earnings have been temporarily switched to net 30.


If I make 100 dollars in a week, they only sent me 50, etc etc. And yeah, revenue has been dropping much, but now I have updated to the new Bundle 2 weeks ago (when I received the email). @AirpushNick

@Jill Kelly - I didn’t see you on our overpayments list so the issue was the temporary adjustment to Bundle 1 / 2 add on install payments cycle. Please be ensured that the add on install earnings will be sent Net 30.


Oh ok. makes sense :slight_smile:

Bundle2 is only for outside google play, DO NOT UPLOAD BUNDLE2 TO GOOGLE PLAY = HUGE BAN OF APPS AND ACCOUNT

So, Bundle 2 is the “Universal” one?

Because we are using the “Bundle” one, but we were using an old one and we got an email telling us to update. And we downloaded the “Bundle” not “Universal”.

Bundle 2 is not available to every one its in beta and only available to few people

ok, it was a misunderstanding. Then I’m on Bundle 1.