Airpush notifications look like system notifications

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that Airpush notifications look like system notifications. Today I got a notification with the following message: “New message” !!! and the sound associated with incoming sms !!!

Do you have a screenshot?

That’s clearly against the Google ad policy…

Yeah, I know that is against Google ad policy, that’s why I’m thinking about removing Airpush from my apps.

A screenshot would not be clear enough, you also need to hear the sound. It’s the exact same sound of an incoming sms message, and the text of the notification is “New Message” WTF!

I can confirm this as well. I’ll be removing air push soon.

Dear Making Money Forum,
Thanks for posting about this. As with everything we do, we want to be completely transparent on this. We recently changed the logic in our system to say ‘New Message’ when the advertiser didn’t include an Ad Title in their campaign. We agree that this could be misinterpreted as a system message so we have revised it to say ‘Click to Learn More’. This change is live for our entire network as of today.

Thank you.
Phil from Airpush

Glad you agree on this issue, and have changed the message to avoid confusion. Communication with developers definitely plays a big role here. Given Google’s updated policy, I would suggest it could be a good idea to run things like this past developers before implementing a major change in ad format :slight_smile: It’s no good for anyone if confusing ads start popping up, after developers have promised something different to users.

AirPush are only interested in the money. They know that they have a limited life span. 94.7% of people DO NOT want ads in their notification tray.

First of all, I’m not defending Airpush, but the concept of notification ads…

If you make a survey, you’ll see that +90% of people DO NOT want TV ads.
If you make a survey, you’ll see that +90% of people DO NOT want in-app banners.
If you make a survey, you’ll see that no one likes ads.
If you make a survey, you’ll see that < 10% of people is willing to pay for apps.

So yeah, they don’t like the ads, but they like to have tons of free applications, and they don’t seem to realize that if the devs don’t get paid, they won’t be able to pay the bills and will die from starvation, so there will be no more apps for them. :smiley:

I agree with you Androider, I think only developers really understand as the public just wants FREE FREE FREE…well if you want our free apps we spent endless hours developing we need to someway make some money. If users want us to keep producing apps they love we need some sort of income to keep these apps rolling out. If you don’t like ads Buy the app… guarantee 9/10 users are too cheap to buy it, thus you must be exposed to the ads which help make the ecosystem go round.

In app ads are not the problem, it’s notification ads and worst of all pop-up ads that I object too.

if someone is too stupid or too lazy to opt-out notification ads,
then it is not developer’s fault

It takes a second to clear them if you don’t like them.

Airpush has not kept their words this time around. the ‘New Message’ ad is still coming out:

Well. Congrats AirPush. Contgrats.

No Push ads for me.

I tried them for a couple of weeks, but it was things like that that made me jump out of the wagon. I really see no reason to use them anymore if they can get your account banned.

An update, about 4 hours later, I received another ‘New Message’ ad. Screenshot updated for those who want proof:

Good luck to developers using Airpush!

I can confirm that I got one of those too.