AirPush not showing ads?

Yesterday, I took the time to integrate AirPush into my app.

I have set up the way the documentation stated, and this is what I receive in my Logcat attempting to display ads.

Smartwall ads:

Initialising SmartWall…
Next Smart Wall ad call time: Thu Oct 09 12:05:59 BST 2014
Status code: 200
SmartWall JSON: {“status”:100,“count”:0,“url”:"",“message”:“Application information not avaliable”}


Initializing AdView from xml: 7.2
isTestMode: true
Banner Type: inappad
Status code: 200
Ad json:{“status”:204,“message”:“ADS Not Available”}
No banner type present in response.

I have contacted them yesterday afternoon and they said “We have forwarded you query to our concerned team and will soon update you on this.”

Has anyone else been having the same issue as I have been having? let me know.

Fill rate issue… What country you from?

It does sound like there is not any banner inventory available in your country for your device at the time of testing. You can try putting the banner ads into test mode and see if it works from there. Generally if the smart wall ads are working, your banner ads are too. Shoot me a PM with your Airpush email address, APP ID, link to your manifest and APK and I can have my team check your integration and ad serving.



I am from the UK

I have already sent over my APK file to someone from AirPush, as I said before, they have forwarded my issue to the concerned team.

Shall I send you the file as well? thanks Nick.

Gonna send you a PM.