Airpush no reason to close my account with several thousand dollars and no reply

Have been almost a week later, my airpush account banned landed a few days ago, there is no reason, nor any e-mail alerts, my airpush account can not be landed, there is also my nearly several one thousand dollars of income, when I give aIRPUSH customer service to send mail, try to understand the reasons for account closure, to solve this problem, but has not given me airpush reply. Time passed, and my loss in one day increase, airpush such disregard the interests of customers move makes me very angry, they did not give us these customers due respect. I do not know if you have not encountered such a situation, I remind you be careful, especially when you airpush more money in the case of.

Do you have encountered such a situation it?

Yeah, I also met this probleam 4 days ago. They suspended my airpush account. I feel they suspend developer’s account at they will, they will not pay any attention you though you send sevral emails to them. I hope they can correct this unfair attitude, and respect us as an developer.

really??i try to use airpush,what you said maybe make me distrust the company…

Do you want to use airpush? I think you have to put up with their slow customer service, rude in their close my account, I send them a message, try to understand why, try to recover my account, I gave several days of their time, but they have nothing to do, in these days, and I have lost thousands of dollars, it is unbearable. I do not even know what the reasons are?

airpush like a liar, a robber, cheat us come to use them advertising platform, then there is no reason to suspend our no hint account in your reasons for asking again and again, hoping to get treatment when they like the deaf, they are ignoring your loss, like robber from your closed account for their profits, because your account is closed the longer they are, the greater the harvest