AirPush model

Do they pay for impressions, clicks or installs?
Is better to refresh their banners on each fragment change or reuse the same view for the entire session?

Hi ParseInt32,

Airpush pays based on impressions.
Our SDK automatically refreshes banners every 45 seconds.
PM me if you need any help or have further questions.

Airpush Nick


Why I see this less impressions? In one app I have twice more sessions than impressions. For example yesterday there were 6.8k sessions, but only 3327 impressions (banners)

Maybe because of the low fill rate, infact often my banners don’t load, and logcat prints:

02-18 08:00:31.244: I/System.out(23268): CONNECTED VIA WIFI
02-18 08:00:37.154: I/PrmSDK(23268): Status Code: 200
02-18 08:00:37.154: I/PrmMraid(23268): Ad json:
02-18 08:00:37.154: I/PrmMraid(23268): {“status”:204,“message”:“ADS Not Available”}
02-18 08:00:37.154: I/PrmMraid(23268): No banner type present in response.

but without calling noAdAvailableListener() !

And that it’s a big problem because i want to show other ads if the banner is not available!

I think Airpush fillrate is less than 50% now. Why Airpush doesn’t show the fillrate column in the dashboard for developer, Nick?

We are eventually going to update our portal. We noticed that fill rate stats were sometimes inaccurate for developers, so we removed it and have focused on other aspects.

Airpush Nick

I think airpush dashboard should have the fillrate data as soon as possible, with developer fillrate is important for judging an ad networld is good or bad with their traffic. With me, airpush fillrate is used to be almost 100% until last year. But now it is less than 40%, If I don’t integrate a method for checking the real fillrate of airpush in my apps, I wouldn’t know that I have been lost over 50% of my revenue over 2 months :frowning: and I think many developers are losing about half of their revenue without knowing anything… If the fillrate continue to be low like this, I will try another ad network.

Airpush fillrate has gone down the drain to about 40%. They keep telling you its all good but it isnt. Everybody knows this by now.

for example, yesterday in banners I had 55% fill rate and an eCPM 0.12$ (both are bad)

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Nick, can you pls confirm if above claims of low Fill Rate and even lower eCPM is correct or not? I was a die hard fan of Airpush but after Google’s september update I didn’t use it in my apps afterwards. I am now strictly using Admob but now would like to take some risk with new google compliant networks as well. Waiting for your reply! TIA.

A lot of posts address the low fill rate, but Nick just ignore them. So I guess thats your answer…

Sorry for my delayed reply as I have been sick with the flu.
Our fill rates and CPMs have been just as solid as they have ever been. We have a large international ad sales team each day seeking new high paying campaigns, and encouraging our advertisers to target as many countries as possible. As with any networks, there is going to be fluctuations is available campaigns, and sometimes demand can be softer.

Our latest SDK offers callback listeners for ad inventory because displaying an ad, so you can always cascade SDKs.



Airpush is Awesome, just tried them out again and making bank now, was doing only $9.00 a day then made some new apps and now making 60-$100 a day and these are just apps outside of google play. Using the Universal SDK with notifications and killing it right now. getting more downloads from mobogenie than I am google play.


go here and click developers link at bottom, then submit your apps for approval. Then they publish on Mobogenie

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Don’t worry about drop at the end that’s stats for today and its early in the day.

don’t wana burst your bubble dude but you are not banking, you are making rent :wink:

Does airpush have mopub adapters?

No I am banking, Tapcontext and adsense income from my website pays the rent and all my bills, So I bank Airpush, leadbolt, Mobvista, Senddroid, Startapp, Revmob.

Don’t use mopub so cant answer your question there.

Can you upload sth on their website? It’s so f**k up, that it does not work on Chrome. I even tried it on Explorer, but without any results… Can’t upload .apk file and icon

It was working yesterday, but if your apps are on google play already there is a 99 percent chance they have your app already.

I checked, and they are, but what if I want to put modified version of that app? for ex. with airpush push ads, how do I do that?

link was working yesterday and 2 days ago not sure why it is down today, you can also post on Opera, Mobile9 and Mobango, Amazon also allows notifications, Even though Samsung don’t allow notifications you can slip them past easily by pausing them until app gets approved and they usually last 3-6 months before they remove them but most of time they don’t even remove them.