Airpush Mobile Site Ads

Hi Guys Airpush is blowing adsense out of the water when it comes to eCPM rates currently over $3.00 ecpm rates on banners and 360 ads.

You can checkout my website and checkout the app pages to see the ads in action. I think their ads are very nice and will compliment any mobile site.

its cool…

Thanks for the posting DroidGenie. If anybody would like to give them a try, shoot me a PM with your Airpush account email address and I can enable them for you.

Airpush Nick

can you point me to relevant documentation… tnx

I do not see any ad on your site… will visit again

PM Sent

Airpush Nick

I would like to try…

open website on mobile device. appnext also has such ads

Hi Guys,

If you’re looking to monetize your mobile sites aside from your apps AerServ can certainly help. We offer banner, static interstitial and video. Easily add your site to our your dashboard, create a tag, plug it into your ad server and go live! It’s as easy as that. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to start increasing ad revenue for your mobile sites.

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Hey guys,

Our Mobile Web is performing really for our current publishers and we are looking for more! Do you have iOS and Android Mweb traffic and want to effectively monetize it with our engaging 360 abstract ads?

Shoot me a PM to chat further!