Airpush & Mobario - Quit taking us for fools

I cannot put this nicely no matter how hard I try so here goes

Airpush first

You really must think that we are all idiots here. You should know that it is very condescending when you send your ‘incognito’ guys here to talk you up to make up for the flaws in your service. Yes! We see through you devo1985, kingdroid ETC. Airpush you are a big company and there is no getting away from that. But PLEASE! Have the professional courtesy to own up to your problems and bugs, accept them, apologize for the problems and FIX them. We will all be very happy if you can just be open about things and we will respect you too for honesty. But you just end up appearing dumb as a rock when you think these $2000 a month employees can come in here and fool us. They have been called out before and nobody takes them seriously today. They are JUST annoying.


We give old companies who mess things up a second chance. New companies always get a good first chance. Heres the idea. If you want to get big business and big bucks, stop praising yourself all the damn time and provide us with big service. Everyone can run their mouth all day long but take it from me…in this industry, ONLY service works. Instead of wasting dollars on moronic forum posts, you should really show good revenue, payments and support to your users. Your constant hijacking of threads and stupid made up testimonials from ‘users’ is causing nothing but annoyance. Take a Marketing course and even the entry level one will tell you that this is the most pathetic attempt at promoting your product ever. You have failed to consider any feedback and instead you have shown hostility to potential clients. You have gone from aggressive to funny to downright irritating in less than a week. And that is the only improvement you have made.

Feels good to get this out of my chest! Shape up or shut up!

Motion taken. Thank you for your honesty. Will make the change. And this time will stick to it. Thank You.