Airpush Low CPMs - Can anybody help??

Currently using Airpush and getting low impression counts and CPMs. How can I improve it?


Replace Airpush with AdMob or MobileCore

Don’t use Airpush.
Those guys are cheaters.
They just suspended my account a day before payment release without any reason.

@AndroidTrent - Just sent you a PM to chat further.

@Karen I have addressed your concern with our network in your other posting.

Airpush Nick

@androidTent I am again warning all the developers and you that stay away from Airpush.
They will suspend your Airpush account a just a day before payment release without any reason and notification.

agree with you. They suspend account before payment release with some reason while they approved your app before.
I am victim of this scam network. Anyone in here can help me get my revenue money from f*ck scam network?

Mweb sites are automatically approved and reviewed after traffic is sent.
There is no scam here, only publishers using pirate / copyright content.

Airpush Nick

The truth is this network knows all new apps is legit or not but they ignore it. They wait when apps taken more money then will suspend publisher account before payment release.
Airpush network is pirate and scammer! They can block publisher account but must return your money. I burn my ass to earn money for them now they pirate all of my money!


They suspend my account with thousands dollars before payment release about 10 days

Nothing was pirated because you broke our terms of service with using copyrighted content.

This network will suspend your account a just a day before payment release with some reasons suck as “suspicious fraudulent activity” or “copyrighted content” blabla…

eccpms really lows in this week.
I sent ticket to airpush but no one reply me.

Hi Levuphuong,

Please PM me your accounts email and I will investigate.


Thanks Nick

I thinks it is not only my problem. it shows “website not found” in banner.

hey, @airpush

this is something totally LOGICAL. How can you retain that money? I think you guys spent that illegally and unfaithfully retained money in charitable works… am I wrong sir? What a shame for a network that remained so reputable.

Air Push is scam.
They took my friends $4000 from my friend and said his ctr is 90%.
The thing is they don’t show ctr in the dashboard
secondly,even if it is 90% you have to prove that the traffic is fraudulent which they were not able to .

Yeah fck airpush, its a scam. @AirpushNick you should probably find another job cuz nobody’s gunna use Airpush anymore. And fck Google too I hate Google so much I want to destroy them, any body have any ideas on how I should do this

@airpush , I am still waiting for your response sir… If you guys are totally free from ethical bindings? I mean, you have the authority to block any ones account, but the retention of such money is not justifiable… by the way its a huge amount and a single case which is under consideration. No one knows, how many poor developers have already suffered such theft… and where all of their money goes?

Hi MarketingFreak,

Didn’t see your message. Please PM me your accounts email address and I will investigate for you.