Airpush is the biggest fraud company

I cannot login into my airpush dashboard.
This shows that airpush is extremely unreliable.
How can any developer trust such a ad-network?
Imagine,you wake up one day to check your app stats in the airpush dashboard,and then find that you cannot even login to the dashboard.
I did not receive any mail from airpush,no notification,absolutely nothing,and my account is disabled I guess.
I am not at all aware whether they have done this purposely or not.
If they have done this purposely,then what is the reaon behind this?
If it is their system fault,then as per the mail I have sent to Nick at airpush,he will look into this matter and resolve it.
But I am creating this thread just to alert my developer friends that “BE AWARE OF AIRPUSH”

Hey OP , Airpush is one of the biggest companies and they are as legit as they come. Many people make good money with them for a long time. You have to contact them and see what’s going on . They have a rep here -Nick - PM him

Come back here when you don’t receive any single word from them…

Airpush is legit, they had paid me numerous times. Maybe it was communication problem, come back and tell us again what’s the problem when issue resolved.

Hey guys,

Nothing to see here. This is a communication error by other parties involved and nothing wrong on Airpush’s side.
Sarahs app was flagged on our system for irregular activity. The URL they provided pointed to Google Play, so I asked for screenshots of their developer console. My team checked the app to see if we were integrated into it, which we were not, which is a big red flag for us, so we suspended the account. After talking with her further she explained that the app is not on Google Play, but other markets. So I am having my team check their provided apps and if deemed legit will re enable her account.

Thank you everybody else on this thread for your support and positive feedback on Airpush.
Airpush Nick

Hey guys,

Just to update this thread. Sarah provided me with some different app URLs to test for our SDK, which would be the source of their traffic. 1 does not parse correctly and doesn’t open, and the second doesn’t include our SDK. So there is no fraud on the side of Airpush.


Sounds like an integration error someone needs to learn2code before making apps, try my website no coding needed.