Airpush is Liar Company

Hy everyone, I just want to know. If you have an application or many application, dont use Airpush. Because they will suspend your application when payment will be out and he will not pay anything for you.

Think twice if you will use Airpush

Hi Ridha,

Can you please PM me your Airpush accounts email address so I can check it? We have tools that search for unusual activity and yours was flagged for it. We have paid out millions of dollars to 1000’s of publishers in the past so there is no issue with our track record.

Airpush nick

Airpush is a good and most trustworthy company i have monetized my apps with.

I have never been not paid or suspend for no cause. It is odd you would say such things of airpush?? I am happy to stay and my earnings are very good this year.

Never received a message :wink:

I think Airpush is OK, I use them before, and don’t find any problem with them

2 years with Airpush. Very good ad network!

2 years with airpush and almost 200k dollars in payments, so yeah they are a good ad network.
@AirpushNick is there a problem with the dashboard today ? because mine is stuck since 6 hours ago

Hey Stewie,

We have been experiencing a slight delay in stats today. I’ve already brought it up with my portal team and will be resolved shortly.

Airpush Nick

Airpush is a good company. I use it for two year without any payment problems. Check your app for any violate or cheat.