Airpush is good-for-nothing

Here you are my experience with Airpush.
Firstly I’m sorry if my English is not good.

Most of my apps are Live Wallpapers, hence airpush notification Ads are integrated.

I have +15K daily downloads and more thatn 300K pushes daily.

Airpush nowadays gives me CPM of $ 0.4 - 0.7. (It is point 4 not four).
Even their fill rate was 45% past week.

When I ask them they say it depends on the country and other factors. So, why they are saying $4-10 CPM.

Some developers says it is OK. I got $2-3. I say to them, please select notification CPM you will see small number. This is why airpush recommend using icon and appwall ads to make the average CPM reasonable.

Also when I told them I will change the network, they make me nervous and say: we still assure you the best CPM than other networks. The question is how you could assure best CPM at the time you take the cheapest Ads from advertisers.

There is one ticket opened since one month about this issue when I say “Any News”. they told we are working to solve the problem. But I think they are working to waste time and push to my apps as much cheap ads as possible.

Also I noted that after sending Airpush many times and writing to them with severe tone they started to send me the pushes of red star ads that auto install after click. this make users think it is virus and uninstall my apps.

I’m not sure how is the CPM with senddroid and leadbolt nowadays but I think to add the three networks and enable/disable each network depending on their CPM.

Also is there another competitor to these networks? because most of my apps are live wallpapers and could only use notification ads.


Please PM me your account information and ticket #. I apologize if our support team had a delayed response. I will assure you that your issue will be addressed.

Yea, I think my ticket has been forgotten as well.
Integrated Airpush into my app. Was expecting at least 20,000 impressions from all the user upgrades, but I got nowhere near that number. Google Play confirms the number, but not Airpush dashboard. Support team appears to be clueless.