Airpush is a liar company.

I found airpush was a liar company. They stolen develpers money by suspended deveploper’s account. Why this company can still alive? Are there don’t feel shame with their action? Notice all deveplers, if you want to use airpush, please must bear their shame action firstly! I think maybe lots of develpers encounter the same problem with me.

how much was your pending earnings before getting suspended?

without any reasons ?:confused:

Depends on your apps. If you make spam applications, Airpush has rights to take actions, After all, you waste advertisers money for nothings. (Spams like app walls with android services etc…)

I mean if you play dirty, there will be consequences.

My guess is you are doing something shady. Most networks aren’t going to ban your account for no reason. A few thousand dollars is nothing to a huge network like Airpush. They make money off of you so if they decided to suspend or terminate your account I am sure there was legit reasoning behind it.

Looks like networks are being more proactive on fraud detection, I mean it does waste advertiser’s money so I can understand as I too run a few campaigns to drive installs to my own apps.

retarded post…i have 34 apps with airpush and growing and they send me over $10,000 every week like clockwork with no fees. no other ad network will do that, i wish everyone paid like airpush.

airpush just announced they have over 90,000 apps using them and appbrain’s ad network stats confirms they are #2 behind admob. why would they “steal” your little peanuts money…you were probably doing click fraud or some other shady stuff

We have more than $30k from Airpush monthly and never had any issues with that.
It is much more profitable for them to pay you on time and have their own piece of cake every month.

Don’t do fraud.

Have you reached out to them? If you got banned, something you did probably raised some red flags. I’ve never had a problem getting paid what I’m owed by Airpush. But, yeah, if you do something questionable, any network will give you the boot. That’s just the way it goes.

i think they should at least give a warning before the ban. as we all know airpush is a spam, adware company so they can’t play the good guy role in this kind of problems. now AirPush has lots of developers so they don’t give a damn about devs.

Today i also see: Admin approval needed, when i want to log in.
why ?

Servral thousand dollars. I asked them to reactive my account, they agree. But the my money they would not pay for me. This was a steal action. so shame action they are.

Servral thousand dollars. I asked them to reactive my account, they agree. But my money they would not pay for me any more. This was a steal action. so shame action they are.

yeah. without any reason, they suspended my account.

No reason. Your account was suspended like me. with no notice, no reason.


I’ve emailed you multiple times asking you to provide me with specific information. You keep ignoring my requests and avoiding my questions. Your account will remain inactive until you provide me with an sufficient explanation.

@Phlil.Airpush. You said you would not recovered my account money during susdended. There’s the reason why I was so depression, and didn’t want to reply your email. I hope you can give my money back during suspended. Thanks

Yeah, without any reasons. I think before they suspend our account, they must notice us. To respect us as developer. You may feel so angry when your account be suspended suddenly somedays. I suggest they respect us, please notice us before suspend our accounts.

congratulation to you, you were suspended by them.

sounds like you were suspended due to some sort of fraud buddy.

They do not need to do that! If they are suspicious about your activity then they have all rights to ban you and they offered you a chance to solve things but as we can see you do not want that you just want “your” money! Guess what, it is not your money if you used any shady method to earn it! It belongs to advertisers so if you can prove your innocence please do that if you can not then that money do not belongs to you.