Airpush - illegal ad! Ban advertiser!

Ad - impossible to close, back button blocked! Ban this advertiser! I don’t want to loose apps because this shit.

I removed airpush awhile ago to. Very poor performance and user reported virus on my game because of airpush

…and how to release apps when this shit ad is on :confused: ! On start google will ban my app when this ad will open :confused:
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chat - not online :expressionless:

Hi Radioturk,

I’m going to PM you so we can get this advertiser identified and removed.


Done, sended information…

ehhh … i have to disable airpush smartwall in next app upload :confused: I don’t know why I have only this stupid ad but it’s good with google policy

I will also remove Airpush, Nick this is just unprofessional, having many developer at risk, and this not the first time!

How it is possible that advertiser can create this ugly ad? Why SDK does’t close ad with ‘back’ button? If you want force user to close ad via close button - OK, but this is buggy as we can see.

I am also facing it I wanted to implement smartwall in my apps but i wont until this is fixed i talked to Nick today and he told me that the issue is resolved but i still see it and there is one more ad i saw which says your phone has seven viruses clean them now.

Łukasz - just leave the Airpush - this is the best option:)

Nick, dammit, if you continue to have ads like this… google will finally suspend all apps with airpush which would be a disaster for developers and for YOU too.

Nick @ Airpush, Any news regarding this?!?

We are continuing to investigate this, and I will provide updates as soon as possible.


This ad is correct! But it’s some bug in SDK that you have to scroll down ad to get close button but… why back button is blocked ? This bug is only for this ad or maybe more? I can’t check because only this ad is loading in my localization.

Check email Nick :wink:

I make like 10-30 apps a day and I never have this issue, maybe it has something to do with you guys not properly setting up your android layouts. I test every app refreshing to see the ads about 10 times on each app and I get all normal smartwall popup ads. I mostly get the ad advertising grants to go back to school.

DroidGenie, what device do you use for testing? do you even see this kind of ad (black-gray square with pink buttn), I think it has to do with your localization also, where i live this ad shows most of the time.
I don’t see why Airpush is taking so long to fix this, it was cut even worse a week ago, then they fixed it, and now its cut around half way, seems like they are playing with it but does it take so long??

seems to be ok now

Fixed now! All is ok!

Having the same issue as you guys today. Using standard SDK, smartwall, and no close button. I am going to stay away from Airpush.


Hi Shuiwo.

I have already brought this ad to my teams attention and are looking into it now and will be removed ASAP.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

Airpush Nick.