Airpush - I need keep Bundle2 SDK in apps until I will get money?

Generally this question is to @AirpushNick , but all developers should know what is Airpush statement.

I would like to remove from my apps Bundle2 SDK because new rates are very low. In other hand, is something like Bundle2 verification process, which starts few days before payment. In this process Airpush team looks that apps have all required Bundle2 ad units - if not, will be not payment for detected app.
And question: I need to wait with SDK removing until I receive payment, in other way, my apps can not pass your verification and I will not get any penny?

If yes, this is really strange and: Why your verification process not started in next few days after month end? You are waiting 40 days with this? WHY?

So they can keep your earningsā€¦ Even tho you earned the money more than 45 days ago, they will use new policies to determine whether or not to pay you.

Create new ad units, old links just put on dropbox or your own website.


So if you decide to remove Airpush from your apps, you do not need it be currently integrated to be qualified for payment. We check previous impressions and pay if all ad units in SDK are correctly integrated, enabled and receiving impressions.