airpush going to die?

When these mergers happen, many things change:

Fresh Off Merger With Conduit, Perion In Talks To Acquire Mobile Ad Platform AirPush | TechCrunch

I don’t think they will die. Conduit/Perion is constantly looking for ways to go into mobile. I guess this is their way. They will probably add a few features they planned to do on their own, to Airpush.
I found this interesting for 2 reasons:

  1. Airpush is a great company, but obviously having some problems since google changed its policy in August 2013.
  2. Out of all the Israeli ad networks, they picked the one network who isn’t :slight_smile:
    (Just kidding, that shouldn’t be a real factor).

In the end, mergers is the only thing that can keep some of the networks alive. Most of them are losing money.

Airpush used to be hot but not anymore. I think it’s a race towards native ads now…

Native ads? Appnext has them, as well as many others. Why should they buy a netwrok that hasn’t developed it yet, and does only Android with no iOS?
There might be a lot of different reasons we don’t know about, but this raises a lot of questions in my mind.

Yes but no one figured it out native ads completely. In fact I only heard about native ads late last year and I had no idea who the leader in the space is.

Airpush was a leader in all the shady crap like icon ads and push ads, and from reading techcrunch article, conduit seems like a pretty shitty outfit themselves, so I think they are a match for each other.

Whoever is in mobile for the long run will choose smaller, more robust and flexible networks, networks with fast payouts and small support teams. Let airpush get acquired, I think conduit is going to regret this move, it’s going to be something of a groupon IPO

I don’t think airpush will be seeling out. and I am killing it with them with $3.34 ecpm rates of my apps doing like $120 a day with them now that I am making new apps again.

I dont think Airpush will die. You may say they have shady ad units and this and that but majority of the people in this thread use their SDK.
As for native ads …Pretty sure Airpush will be releasing native ad units very shortly considering they acquired hubbl a while ago.

Ive used many networks out there and none of them are perfect but Airpush still makes the most for me and their weekly pay also very important to me.

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As of right now they are exploding out of control for me.

Damn it feels so good to be back on google play. :slight_smile: Make sure my apps stay compliant this time.

How many impressions are you sending there and what’s the type of ad?

you are tempting me to try publishing 100 live wall papers :smiley:

ended up finishing the day at $217, you can soon we are in design portion of our website and hopefully launch very soon.