Airpush fullscreen ads with no close button (Danger of being banned by google).

Hi there,

I started to work with airpush. After 3 days of using their ads (standard banner + smartwall) our users started to get fullscreen ads that they can not close. Airpush doesn’t allow to close their ads using the “back” button so when users got that fullscreen ad with no close button they just got stucked (and started to leave awful feedback). The worst thing was that every time that this happen our app is being exposed to be banned from Google Play as this is their policies…

I sent a ticket using airpush helpdesk and a mail to their support email adress (I was even kind enought to attach an screenshot of each of the ads I found) and after ONE WEEK nobody has answered me. Their eCPM is not that great so I still don’t know how this guys have become so popular.

Unless you have proof that Airpush will get you banned its not polite to start a topic saying so. The title alone can cause damage to a companies rep.

  1. Did google tell you that you were in danger of being banned?
  2. Why didnt you remove the ADs if the EPCM was low and you felt in danger???
  3. Airpush Nick is usually in the forums often , did you send him a message or email?

Hi Spada,

I just responded to your PM. I can help you resolve this issue and review your account ASAP. I do apologize for the delay in response.

Airpush Nick