Airpush Fraduent Activity Stupidity

Airpush seriously need to get their stuff together. They just randomly pause accounts if they see the apps are getting more impressions. My account was just blasted with some crap automated fraudulent activity issue.

It seems they are not even bothered to check with developers before they take such action. The best part is they do it on the weekend when everyone is away so we have to no wait for 2 more days before someone can take a look and restart your account.

My account manager is not contactable and I believe I will have to wash my hands on 2 days of revenue because they have messed up system.

Guys, can anyone please tell me a network I can switch to? I think I will have to give up on airpush. This stupidity has happened 3 times in the past with me and someone had to manually go and fix it.

What kind of ad formats you used? Check out my signature for recommendation.

Hi intergig,

Our system has various flags which will cause an app or account to be suspended.

Can you please PM me your account email address and who your AM is and I will assist.

Airpush Nick

Hey Nick,

I already sent you a PM. Please check.

Sorry about that. The app has been unsuspended and we are investigating further. I do apologize for any inconvenience.


**Edit - His app has been unsuspended.

And they flag bad app link even if it is ok…:[

The app URL has to point to the APK with our SDK in it. If the URL is correct, you can go into the apps settings and update the URL . You can go into the text box within the apps settings, press the enter button on your keyboard, it will show green writing, and it will send the apk to be checked by our team, and the warning will go away, but will come back if the APK does not have one of our SDKs in it.

Airpush Nick

Although Nick was very quick in unsuspending the app, the error came back again after a few hours. This obviously is some error in their automated checking since this app has the airpush SDK in it and URL is correct.

There is no way for me to even edit the settings as its totally blocked. Nick, please look into this urgently.

This has already been addressed for all others following this thread.