Airpush flagged as a virus... on my laptop!

Today I booted up Windows on my laptop for the first time in several months (normally I run Linux). As a precaution, I ran an AVG anti-virus scan on the whole disk. Wasn’t expecting to find anything, but it did actually come up with two “infections”.

Lo and behold - AVG actually flagged the Airpush SDK sitting in my Dropbox folder as a “potentially dangerous threat” titled “Android/AirPush”. And proceeded to quarantine those files as a matter of safety.

It’s one thing for an over-zealous anti-virus app on your smartphone to start flagging notification ads as harmful. But it’s another thing entirely when the anti-virus software starts deleting the SDK from your computer!

Has anyone else encountered this issue before? I’m pretty annoyed at it personally. Sure, some people stuff Airpush notifications so much that they can become spam. But flagging the SDK as a potentially dangerous virus? Really?

This means now I can’t run an anti-virus scan on my computer without having to worry about un-quarantining my perfectly legitimate SDKs. Good thing I don’t use Windows regularly, otherwise I could see this becoming a big pain.

And this is one of the reasons I’ll never ever go back to Windows. If Linux was forced to be like Windows I would leave computers behind and find another job.

And now… regarding your issue :slight_smile: it’s probably caused by AVG sharing the same antivirus database between Windows and Android. Just do yourself a favor and get rid of your Windows partition. I use Virtualbox with a copy of Windows XP when I really need to use a Windows program, but I haven’t had to boot it for months.

Google should really step up its filtering and ban those so-called “Antivirus”. They are known to flag Leadbolt and Airpush as viruses and as far as I know Airpush and Leadbolt are legal, so what AVG and others are doing might be against the law and should be punished.

Not to mention Android “Antivirus” are not real antivirus and are confusing our users.