Airpush Fillrate too low

For the past week my Airpush Fillrate for push notofications has been in the range of 15-30% only
Anyone else experiencing the same?

My apps are popular in Asia.

I had the same problem with airpush, my apps are popular in several Asian countries, like South Korea, Taiwan, Malasia, Vietnam, China, etc. Then I decided to use other add networks like leadbolt and got much better results (2x-3x better daily revenue)

Yeah, I’ve noticed a low fillrate too. I guess it is due to the high number of downloads from India.

Hi Androidman,

Please PM me with your contact information and I will look into your account to assist with your low fill rate issue.


@Phil, androidman is not the only one with a low fill rate. Stop promotion a 90% fill rate on your website because we are not stupid. If you can’t explain us what the hell is happening we will switch to another ad network with the speed of a lighting bolt.

No problems here. You have to remember that not everyone experiences the same results every time in every place. For the most part, the developers I know (including myself) who use airpush get really high fill rates (i’m talking 80% to 90% or better) assuming normal traffic distribution by geography.

"lazyboyscout’ is correct. Your fill rate completely depends on your apps characteristics, regional distribution, target market and other factors.

Drop me a note at [email protected] and I’ll take a look to see what can be done if anything.

my fill rate seems to be normal aswell, about 80-90%. All seems normal on my end.