Hello all,

I saw on this forum that some members have concerns about AirPush stats for devs, but I do have concerns about their stats for ad campaigns. I have recently released an app, Bluehood, and started 2 marketing campaign for it, one on AirPush and one on AdMob and I want to know if my experience with AirPush is something normal or not. The AirPush campaign is setted to 10$ per day 0.03$ per click, the lowest bid. What’s strange to me, as a beginer with AirPush, is that every day it reaches the total number of possible clicks at almost the same number of impressions. At the lowest bid and daily budget I thought that maybe it will not even reach the budget in some days.

Please let me know if this behaviour is normal with AirPush or they just make up these stats and stole my money.

Many thanks!

Doesn’t surprise me about your budget being used up.

But, what’s your CTR? There’s no way clicks and impression should be close to each other legitimately.

I did not mean to say that clicks no = impressions no, but actualy the CTR is almost the same from day to day ~8%, so, for ~333 clicks there are ~4000 impressions. To me it is strange that each day the CTR is almost constant and the daily budget spent precisely everyday. On AdMob the daily budget does not reach 0 after each day, for example.

Those figures seem reasonable to me. Kinda crazy push ads are getting that sort of CTR.

I click AirPush ads by mistake sometimes when I try to swipe them away or check which app sends them. Maybe more users do that hence the high CTR.

Interesting to know how many conversions you got out of those 333 clicks?

If you’re looking to advertise with Airpush, I highly recommend you use some type of tracking such as iMobitrax or at least Prosper202. That way you can verify that each click is unique (via IP address) and you can track conversions (app downloads) with a little bit work. I’ve been advertising with Airpush for quite a while now and I can assure you that your CTR was that high and that all of your traffic was legit.

Things got normal last days. The only explanantion is that Airpush pushes hard a new campaign in the first days to see how it perfomes even if it has the lowest bid.