Airpush? ECPM??

Hello, guys!
I am looking to insert ads into my apps.
I know that best paying ads are ads like the ones from Vungle, paying 10$ cpm.
But they pay Net-60.

So, I know Airpush pays weekly, so I have a question:
How good is their cpm?
I know they have different types of ads, so please share your experience with different types of their ads.
Thanks a lot.

I have used Airpush in past and all I can say is that they have the worst fill rate and cpm among all adnetworks.

If you want to quickly browse the different payment terms (Net-X, payment cycle etc.) of other networks too to find the highest eCPM/fill-rate, you can check out this mobile ad network payment terms list.

You sir are misleading people. I’ve used Airpush since April this year, and to be honest, they are one of the best Ad networks out there. Their CPM averages between $2.9 to $5, and this doesn’t fluctuate that much. In fact yesterday, two of my apps had $4.5 and $4.3 cpm. I also use Mobilecore which is also excellent (but they are CPC).

Please, if you know of any ad network with better terms (Apart from Mobilecore of course) please share.

Two negatives with Airpush is the fill rate, which is low (about 10% lower than other ad networks) and their weekly payment is not open to all. You have to average $600 dollars every week. Payment is prompt tho, and if there are any delays, they are communicated in the dashboard early enough.

Hey everyone,

We have multiple SDKs available with different CPMs depending on the ad units you want to use and the market it’s placed on. For Google play our bundle SDK includes a pay per install ad type where you can earn up to a $0.02 per new USA user install and EULA opt in along with CPMs on in app display ads. We also have another SDK for GPlay that doesn’t include the PPD option.

For 3rd party markets, our bundle 2 SDK pays a rate of up to $0.05 per new user install world wide giving you a $50 eCPM. This is special invite and needs to be manually enabled on your account.

All of our SDKs offer call back listeners for those concerned with fill rates, and you can cascade the ad request to another network if we are unable to fill it. As with any network fill rates will change on a daily basis, but we have numerous advertisers and campaigns always available. We will shortly be adding back into our dashboard an ad requests stats, so you will be able to see your own fill rate.

PM me with any questions.


I have used Airpush since two years. Yes it is the best network so far for on time payments and great ecpm which varies from 4$ - 10$. Also the support guy NICK is just the best customer care provider, he is very friendly and solves all your problems regarding your account. If you haven’t tried airpush better try it now for atleast a few apps for start.

Hi @sek007,

We’d love to help answer any questions you have about Vungle’s payment methods.

Yes, you are right - we currently work on a net60 payment period. This is because we need 30 days to add up all of your monthly revenue and then 30 additional days to receive the payment from the advertiser and distribute it to you.

Our quoted eCPMs are 6-12 dollars on iOS and 4-10 dollars on android, depending on the geo location of your users and the effectiveness of your ad placement.

We would love to jump on a call with you and work hands on to fully optimize your placements and the amount of revenue you can generate with us. We would also like to discuss some best practices and answer any other additional questions you may have about monetizing with video ads.

Please contact me at [email protected] and I will connect you with one of our account managers!