Airpush earnings considerably decreased after Panel Update

Since friday the panel was not showing earnings but today still working again and i’ve seen on my daily income and i have decreased about 25 - 30%, has someone the same problem? is temporal? is real?


I have the same problem. My daily income dropped about 40%.

same problem here.

same problem for me.

is there any person from Airpush to answer this? i think @Phil.Airpush can help us.

Hi guys,

Please shoot me a PM with your account info and I’ll take a look and what is going on with revenue discrepancies, also let me know what revenue was before the decrease.


Message sent.

I have the same problem, and it seems that everyone has it also…

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Same Problem! Lol…

Same here.

experiencing exactly the same issue here…

same problem - about 40-50% down. And the 23rd is basically nothing! I have sent emails in the past and had no replies - Is phil saying that they will reply now? Or are we just sending them emails for fun??

same problem

Same problem here guys,

Already sent an PM to Phil.
please check your PM inbox Phil my man

Same issue.

With me the 23rd is about 15% of normal day, an the Payments daily not update yet.

stats today are not moving - Have sent an email to Airpush but due to their lack of support in the past, I am not holding my breath - i am spending my time researching reading about leadbolt.

Same issues here. The drop in earnings is significant (compared to the days before May 23rd):

May 23 = -91%
May 25 = -57%
May 28 = -36%
May 29 = -45%

Phil, Everyone has the same issue. After update, revenue is down by over 50% now.