Airpush earnings 4/25 are low

I hate making a new thread for Airpush (perhaps make a sticky for this company David?) because they pop up every week! But I see that no one else is posting about yesterday’s problem so I worry it might be me.

I have about 30-50 percent reduction in revenue for 4/25, but it seems to be back to normal today (4/26). There is no error message at the top of the dashboard either. Anyone else have lower earnings for yesterday?

Yea, same here 50% less that day… dunno what is going on, but i have a feeling we won’t get to see this $…
maybe phil can update us if they are going to fix it now when we got less $ as they usually do when they have a mistake and we get more $


Yes, me too.

Same here. Support says it’s a reporting issue and data will be updated soon…

Hey Guys,

I have confirmed we did have a reporting error for 4/25 which was reason for lowered revenue. The data should be updated shortly and revenue should be reflective of that.


I thought of making a thread regarding this. But I didnt !!
And yea it was LOW. 50% low.!!
@Dan- Its good you said it out loud!!

I have a question for anyone who uses Airpush. This will be my first payment. And I want to know when I get eligible for the weekly payment. Does Airpush pay that weeks payment or the whole pending earnings??
For example Suppose I have like 200$ in pending earning thn after that I earned 200 $ on a sun sat week … Total 400$. So What i am asking is on the coming friday how much do I get paid?? 200$ or 400$??
and if 200$. When will i get the remaining earning ? Monthly?
I am a bit confused :confused:



I don’t yet receive weekly payments from Airpush as I don’t hit $200 a week with them, but I understand it’s like this:

If you earn $200 or more in a given week (these weeks cycle from one day of the week to the final day of the week, but I’m not sure what days) then you are made eligible for a weekly payment for that week, which is paid to you the following week (I believe payment days are Thursdays? Again I’m not sure).
So in this way it’s calculated per week and your earnings from another week do not cross over, but get put into net30.
I’m not completely sure though, so don’t take my word for it.
If someone is on weeklies on them perhaps they will enlighten you.

Yep, thats how it works. Payments go out Thursday night and will be reflective in your account the following day. As long as you make >$200 a week you be automatically converted to net 7 payment. If you make less than $200 you will be paid on net 30 schedule.

Yes, 50% down and its still not fixed. Is it fixed for you guys?

I think there is a reporting issue today also.!!

Yes and 26th April data is now showing $0

here 21 april is showing zero

Multiple days showing “0” on my account suddenly.

My 25th is still showing the same lower-than-normal earnings.

Earnings are still lower that day… Doubt they’re be fixed. They align with my income for 5/2-5/4.