Airpush delaying payment unnecessarily

Airpush has clearly mentioned on their website that they pay publishers/developers on a weekly basis.
Hence opted for airpush in the month of March 2015.
I opted for payment through paypal,for which they say that the minimium payout is $50.
My apps have earned close to 100 dollars uptill 15th April 2015.
But they still skipped the payment on 15th April 2015.
Kind of disappointing.

Think twice before opting for airpush,since what they mention on their site is to disguise people.

Airpush is becoming worse day by day.
Same thing happened with me.They delayed my payment without any reason.I too chose airpush,since I heard earlier that they pay developers on a weekly basis.
I would recommend you to go for appnext.
Recently airpush has lost a lot of developers.
I think they have gone bankrupt and are about to shutdown their business.

Hi Gerhard,

Can you please share your accounts email address?
We do offer weekly payment but after account validation. Our default payment cycle is net 45.
When using our Bundle 1 SDK, you need to be earning $300 a week for 4 weeks and onwards from CPMs on display ads. For standard SDK its $600 a week for 4 weeks plus. After that time, you are automatically placed on weekly payments. We don’t automatically put new publishers on weekly payments.

Airpush Nick

Thanks for your reply Nick.
PM sent.