Airpush dashboard popup messages annoying and non stop ?

Hello fellow airpush publishers.
Is it only me or is their website basically now not usable via a mobile browser ?
I check my stats at least 15 times a day and almost all is done via my mobile browser, starting yesterday their new pop up regarding using 3rd party markets now just wont go away. i click on the x to close the window and
if i try to tap anywhere on my screen to see how my apps are performing the dam popup comes back up again.
Come on airpush this whole industry is wrapped around mobile, 1st your website does not have any support for mobile viewing (its ok i am able to still see my stats so whatever on that)
But now with these constant pop up messages its getting super annoying.
I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you guys put a dont show again button on the messages. I do not need to be reminded about google tos update every single day 10 times a day for a full month. I got it the 1st time i read it.
Also previously your website would not time me out, but now every couple min if i wanna go back and refresh my stats i have to re log in ? whats up with that ? Maybe try to add a remember me for x amount of time option?

These are super basic functions of a website that i would think a huge company like airpush would already have, besides not having them your website is getting more and more inaccessible via mobile as each day passes by.

Please someone from airpush chime in and give us your feedback on when and if any of these small issues that can make your developers much much happier be fixed ?

if anyone else feels the same as i do please drop a line below.

Thank you all

Hi darknes01,

I’m going to send you a PM so I can help with your concerns about the popups.

Airpush Nick

Why does not Airpush comes out with a guide that lists the
3rd party app stores that are really working.

Most 3rd party app stores seem to be run by people who have no idea about how to run
an app store. Uploading of apps is hard, many do not mention
clear download numbers, you can’t find your app
once you have uploaded it (mobogenie does it).

It is very frustrating experience. Airpush can help itself by
helping the developers. I see that you have come
out with a case study about wackiapps making 80%
of their money from 3rd party store.

I checked and found that they are probably banned from playstore.

The case study is quite vague and ambiguous and does not
even mention which app stores are helpful.

Hey ryanosaur,

Thanks for the feedback on the case study.
Wackiapps used a combination of 3rd party android markets along with their own site. As the Bundle 2 SDK isn’t compliant with GPlay ad policies, so they didn’t post it there. With any android app, it doesn’t really matter where the app is hosted, if you have your own site with high android traffic, you can always get downloads without having to deal with the markets. Ever try posting your apps in torrent sites? I’ve been told by others the issues with Mobogenie stats, approval process and being able to find your apps, but heard their support team is very nice and eager to help.

It is unfortunate that many sites do not all work 100% correctly like GPlay, but they are all free to post sites and don’t have the workforce or funds like Google does, and deserve a little leeway. Here’s a list of sites that I always recommend to everybody. They are all free sites, and not all are going to be 100% perfect for you to upload your apps on, but spending a few minutes per site is worth a try.


1Mobile Over 800,000 Android Apps & Games free Download |
Appslib* AppsLib
Amazon Appstore Amazon Developers
Anzhi Android???-???,???,???Android???,???APP???
Appchina ?????????-???appchina???
Baidu ??? - ?? Games Center ??Android??? ??Android??? ???Android???
gFan ???-???
Hami Hami???
HiAPK ???-???Android???
Mumayi ???,???-???-???,???Android???Android???,???,???,???,???,???,???
N-Duo Market N?? - ??? | ???android???android???play store?android4.0?android5.0
PandaApp | Free Your Mobile Life!
Taobao App Market ÌÔ±¦Èí¼þÊг¡(Android°æ)
Tencent App Gem ???
AppCity Appcity Promo
AndroidPit App Center Android Market - AndroidPIT
Pdassi Android Apps and Games - pdassi
Naver Nstore N???
Olleh [???] !!! 1.8GHz ??? ??? LTE-A
SK T-Store T store

Yandex Yandex.Store is the app store for your Android phone
Camangi market
Indiroid Turkcell AppMarket
Appitalism Appitalism
Software Store (Sprint)
AdultAppMart Adult App Mart offers best porn on android, sex on android & porn app
AppBrain Top Android Apps and Games in the Android Market |
Apptoide Inicio | Aptoide - Android Apps Store
Getjar GetJar | Mobile - Appsolutely Everything - worlds biggest open appstore
LG Application Store ::: LG Smart World :::
MiKandi Adult App Store - Porn Apps and Videos | MiKandi
Mobango Download Free Mobile Games, Apps & Videos:
Mobile9 Other Other - mobile9
Opera Mobile Store* Opera Mobile Store
Samsung App Store
SlideME* SlideME | Android Apps Market: Download Free & Paid Android Applications Mall The Android Mall that loves developers | Mall : Application Preview
MoboGenie Mobogenie DEVELOPERS

Nick, is there some ranking of those play stores? Or we have to guess which ones are working and which ones are real crap?

I’d recommend starting with Mobigenie, Opera, Mobile9 (Great for Lwp’s), 1Mobile and Samsung (if you use their SDK for market).

Other than that give the others a try and see what works for you. Some of those are Chinese markets and worth skipping.