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Airpush cpm has a big drop!

My airpush cpm has a dig drop,who has the same experience?

Same, give it a few days. It might go back up.

Mine had a drop yesterday, but today was pretty normal for what I’m used to (~ $1.50)

Seems like every ad network has a huge drop right now. Shoult be temporal (to the end of January I assume?).

It really depends on your applications guys. For example, some of my applications have a CPM of $4-$5 and some of them $1-$2. The higher CPM is due mostly to US traffic.

same for me but I think that is a error, some days ago I experienced the same and hours later figures were fixed, now I have $20 eCPM in my apps.

This high CPM happened a few weeks ago. It will be fixed by the end of the day most likely.

They like to play with our feelings :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyones airpush stats stop updating earlier? mine haven’t updated all day

Mine stopped updating around 8-10 hours ago.

Nvm…Started updating

Guys, they fixed your yesterday numbers? In my case they didn’t (10-15$ eCPM), maybe this time wasn’t error? then party hard tonight :slight_smile:

Btw, anyone else without receive the last week payment from AirPush?

payments are delayed, coming out on Monday :wink:

I would not celebrate yet… sometimes, numbers are fixed with a delay longer than 5 days… and a CPM > $10 is less likely than two hot blondes knocking on my door right now…

whats wrong with airpush. yesterdat i had more than $200. but today it’s still $2 ???

Same man, I’ve served over 400k impressions today and made $13…

I have a 9% fill rate today, and stats seem to be stuck again

Something is seriously wrong with Airpush.
Yesterday eCPM $11 - 100% fillrate
Today eCPM $1.70 - 14% fillrate

Probably to make up for yesterday’s strange increase. It’s all gonna even out at the end.

Yes. Some BIG problems.

My earnings dropper for 100 in day. And fill rate is down to 1%.

Not very nice from them.