Airpush CPM decreasing throughout the day

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed a big problem with airpush CPM.
When the day “starts” = when all apps are on 0$, and dashboard starts to show revenue, CPM is around 0.8-1$,
But as the day continues, CPM drops and drops reaching 0.5$ at the end of the day.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Phil.Airpush - is there any solution for this?


Yeap, I also see a similar situation. When the dashboard day starts my CPM is around $1.5-1.8, and by the end of the dashboard day it goes down with almost 50% and I see an average CPM of $0.8-0.9 . And the fill rate is also poor(around 80% only).

Me too. It’s steady decreasing for a week

If the CPM consistently shifts during the day, this might be due to people in different countries using your app. Maybe at the start of the day, your U.S. users are most active, which brings in a high CPM. But then towards the end of the day, European or Asian users might be more active, with lower fill rates and CPM.

Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about CPM on an hourly (or even daily) basis. What matters more is your weekly average CPM, compared to previous weeks.

Airpush not good at these days,Its almost same as admob . End of day CPM is about 0.5. My app is .

Yeah, I wish AirPush to be as “bad” as AdMob is :smiley:

I would say it makes sense, but before the new SDK this wasn’t happening, so it has to be some problem with Airpush after policy changes.
I hope phil can help us here, I’m really disappointed from this change and want to get answers if something is done on this matter


When did you first notice this hourly decline in CPM? I looked at the hour over hour reports for the past 2 weeks and don’t see any drastic declines. As David mentioned CPM will consistently shift throughout the day but there shouldn’t be such a drastic decrease in CPM throughout the day which you stated (~50%).

@david Good point you are making. Looking at CPM on an hourly basis does not really help. The weekly averages is what will push me to look further. At the moment, majority of my app users are in Asia and my CPM is fairly stable during the day with no big drops. Working at having more users from US, EU & Canada so I can increase my CMP over time.

It started after integrating the new Sdk.
As you can see from the replies, other people suffer from the same problem.
Why do u think this is happening?

Airpush CPM only 0.2 for Oct. Time to replace airpush?

Hahaha you guys said this 4 months ago!!! Remember the big airpush update? :wink: …Just give it time…it’s a weird time of year (even my affiliate stuff is doing weird things…everyones is…I’ve been doing online for 7 years now and it’s the SAME every year!!! It’s just a weird time of year)…November it’ll be back to normal…December it should rape (Advertisers will be pumping alotta money in december)

Yeah i’m optimistic that CPM will increase for everyone regardless what network as the holiday season approaches. I expect much healthier CPMS around thanksgiving and xmas time since advertiser’s will be spending tons of money. For now theres not much we can do but wait.

guys, i tried to integrated airpush now
the banner show fine

but i can’t see smartwall at all
the logcat is not shown any airpush too
i use my own phone as debug, and it connect to internet. other ads work fine, why is airpush not showing?

Hey keitaro3660,

Sounds like a possible integration issue with smartwall. Can you PM me your account info with APPID.