Airpush cannot login

im using my google account to login to airpush. since last 3 days im getting this error.

when i dismiss the message and click on another tab like payments, it redirects me to the login page and then when i click login via google button it keeps redirecting to the same page!!

any one has same problem?

I get same error on one of my accounts, you can still view apps though by click the ads and group all by apps.

Hey guys,

Sorry about this issue. I have brought it up with my support team and will get it resolved ASAP.


I have to use Tor to log into my account…

Hey Guys,

We tried to replicate the issue but didn’t get the same error.
Try using a private browser. If that doesn’t help, a screen recording would be great.


im getting this error time to time. i didn’t got it after i publish this thread

PM me if it happens again.