Airpush Bundle SDK - statistics

I said, that I will publish here my experiences with airpush bundle sdk for the people interested in it.

Statistics are for 5 days (16-20 February):
New Users: 5,452
Add-on: 2713 (users who accept EULA)
CPM: 2.87$
Revenue: 7.79$

There is also a airpush banner, I will also share my experience with it:
Sessions: 35,107
Impressions: 17.469
CPM: 0.12$
Revenue: 2.14

So, as we can see, only 50% of users accept EULA. But I hardly believe in it, because AFAIK only developers carefully read what is written in EULA, the rest just click “accept” (Anyway 50% is very less).
My experiences with impressions are also very bad. People say that it is q1, that is why eCPM is less, OK, I am not talking about eCPM, fill rate < 50% is very bad. I wanted to put the banner to the top, so that people for sure see it and maybe click, but it will only increase eCPM, not fill rate.

I also think the % of people that accept the eula is very low…

I also use Mobario in another app, there people who accept EULA is around 95%, that is actually the truth. I asked from many users (my friends, not programmers), they said, that they just accept when they see EULA without reading it

Even 80% is more believable… Anyway, does mobario offer Pay-per-Download? Is Google Complaint?

dude that’s very bad results for banners…and cpm only 0.12$

yes, that is also PPD. Seems like google compliant, it doesn’t have stupid permissions as appoptim (like send messages, take a picture and etc.), and it is only in app. But they pay only if user don’t delete your app within an hour.

@earndroid, yes, very bad results. And with 50% fill rate we can even say that, it is 0.06$ :frowning:

My airpush fillrate now is less than 30% @@

I get 60 cent ecpm rates on my airpush banners and I run double banners one on top and one at bottom so in reality its kinda like $1.20 ecpm rate on the screen itself, I place my banners right next to a button that goes to next page in the app, this helps increase ecpm rates as people will see the ad near the button.

actually eCPM is not such a big problem, the real problem is fill rate. I returned to admob again, and I will see what happens after couple days