Airpush bundle 2

does airpush paying only for number of installs in BUNDLE 2. i am not getting any revenue from banners and smartwall ads.its showing 0 impressions in dashboard for other ad types.getting revenue only from AO2 .

I was told in another thread that Bundle 2 pays for banners and smartwalls normally, but add up the up to 0.05$ per download on top of that.
My question is, why I cannot find AO2 in my dashboard? I got AO1 instead, and I got push ads etc which means it is not bundle 1 but 2. I am using ads2livewallpaper service to add airpush ads. Someone who can help on AO2? I want to take advantage of the 0.05$ per download

Bundle2 does not pay for in app ads. Integrate other in app ads for revenue on top of bundle 2

The bundle 2 SDK only pays on the new user installing your app and opting in to the EULA (end user license agreement). The benefit to it is that you earn the higher revenue for the user up front at a $50 eCPM.

@Anteos - the bundle 2 SDK needs to be enaes on for account. PM me your Airpush email address and I can do it for you.

Airpush Nick

But what about out of app ads? Do you pay the revenue share or you just pay for the number of users, no metter how much ads the user will see/use?

I am using it. The user will get bombarded with ads. Any device lock/unlock, install/uninstall of app, opening any other app will show them smartwall. 1-3 icon ads daily. After all airpush needs to earn that $50 back + profit.
You as developer won’t get anything else other than $50ecpm.
Hope it is clear now.

The SDK only pays the pay per download revenue, and no CPMs on any ads inside or outside of the app. The benefit to the SDK is that you get paid the up to $0.05 revenue up front and do not have to be concerned with user lifetime value or worry about them engaging with the ads.

Airpush Nick