Airpush blocked my account for no reason - what can I do?

Hi guys,

3 days ago I suddendly noticed that I did not get any pushes or smartwall views for my apps from airpush anymore.
When I try to log into my account on my PC, it just shows the message: “Admin approval needed” .

I was still logged in on my tablet, so I was able to see that all of my Apps have been paused automatically.

I started a chat with Airpush Live Support and they told me that my Account was under review for “suspicious activity”. But they did not tell me any reason! And Airpush would not have informed me in any way!
The support member told me that I would receive additional information from Airpush within 48 hours - but sadly, more than 3 days have passed since then and I did not get any anwers =(

So i ask myself WHY?! I am loosing a large amount of money within this period! I did NOT do anything illegal - I tested my apps a lot, accepted the EULA lots of times, but did not click on a single ad myself.

I have sent a PM to Phil in this forum on friday, but did also not get an answer yet. So maybe you can understand that I am worrying about my money.

I see that I am not the only one who has ever gotten this message when trying to login, so if anyone has/had the same problem, please tell me if or how you were able to solve it.

Thank you very much!


I haven’t been with them long, but I know people have problems with ad networks when they reach really high numbers of impressions/downloads etc. Hopefully someone who’s had this happen can reply as I know people on here have, like you said.
Did you have your app in test mode when you tried it on your devices? I think that is important.
Hope you get it cleared up!

This happened to me some time last year. My account got lumped in and “disabled” along with many other accounts which apparently were fraudulent. I contact support just like you did and they eventually enabled my account again. As long as you haven’t been doing something fishy you should be ok. They just take their sweet ass time. Good luck.