airpush banners zero ecpm

i’ve tries airpush for 2 months but my banners ecpm always zero.and 360 banners is 0.02 ecpm .is there any good banner advices.

I always prefer admob banners… FAN banners also working well good eCpm

nowadays 360 banners have zero ecpm

Just stop using airpush check other threads abt this company, and move on this other good ad networks.

admob is one of the best, for banner.

i’ve banned from admob.i tried startapp with airpush ecpm is the same but nowadays airpush 0 ecpm every day


here is my results

airpush is a sinking titanic too

new reaults always zeroQuickMemo+_2015-08-11-21-57-01.jpg

Dude try another network…I don’t know what airpush strategy for coming days…they are loosing developers .Many of my friends removed airpush because of their new rates…I am also thinking of leaving